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The past month or so I have found that any kind of exercise, even a hour or two sight seeing in a small town affects my leg muscles.
The past year or so I have leg pain after exertion but now I am noticing it even if the exercise was quite light. I did some sight seeing at the week end and couldn't sleep for hours that night with pain in my legs.
Last week I went out in my kayak for an hour and half and by the evening my legs again were really painful and uncomfortable.Following an hours walk in the morning I was in pain for 4 days until it settled.
It is really getting me down, I feel like staying in and protecting my legs.
I feel I can not rely on my body to do anything.

I spoke to my GP who was just too busy to take much notice, I massage my legs daily and take relaxants and pain killers which help block nerve pain, but they make me tired and cause constipation leading to stomach cramps and difficulties pee'ing.
They dull my personality too.
I get through my morning at work and a bit of house work then i am ready to sleep or just sit.

Anyone out there with some ideas? I am worried that my one off relapse is turning to progressive ms. My Neuro has never put a title on my MS. I thought I would end up as RR but after one relapse 2 1/2 years ago I could be Primary progressive?
Not sure what i want to hear from anyone but would appreciate thoughts anyway. Thank you.
Are you following all aspects of the programme, how are you doing diet wise?
Perhaps there are areas where we can offer support depending on the bits you are doing or not quite doing fully yet.
I wouldn't worry about whether it's RR or progressive. Doctors can't predict what will happen anyway and each person is so different. Mine is progressive but so far, after 6 years I am still better off than someone I know who is RR . When she does have a relapse they are pretty major. Whereas I have just had a steady decline.
But then this last week I feel I have been doing much better and walking further.
I put a message on here a few weeks ago. I had just gone swimming and I was scared as my legs were spasaming so much for days after.
I have persevered (gently) and the spams have gone.
so it is not all down hill !!
Thank you for your thoughts, as for my diet.. I started with the BBD from the UK a couple of years ago but its hard to survive on. Now I am a fish eating vegetarian, dairy / lactose free, wheat free, an egg sometimes and low fat. I follow the OCMS diet.

My main exercise is hiking !! Great choice with this disease.looking around for other activities!

hpebbles - i think your comment is true, I kind of like a label , i always feel you know where are you, but its true MS is unpredictable so I suppose it makes no difference what the label would be.
I am causing extra worry thinking that way.
Dear Quin,

This muscle tightness and pain is common after physical activity, even the most beneficial exercise. Mostly from the knees down, for me.

I was prescribed sedatives for this, because even just walking made my legs cramp at one point. But I didn't want to use the pharmaceuticals for very long.

Instead, try two or three puffs of medical cannabis. Or if you have access to it, a tiny bit of cannabis oil.

For whatever reason, it really helps with this kind of spasticity.

There are varieties of cannabis now that are non-narcotic.
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