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Also bad for our bones from my reading
but is that so for " plant protein " shakes?
Yep, stay away from too much protein. A protein rich diet will speed up kidney disease in a susceptable patient. However, it is protein that is derived from cattle and other animals. I do not think plant protein has the same effect. :?:

I have seen Cinders' biceps!! she wrestles horses with those bad boys!! :D

Take Care

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Ha ha.. thanks Lizzienphil :D
Love and light
Rose xx
Thanks Lizzienphil. Very interesting. I am not sure what is in these things. I want to know so I ask. I always thought there was something strange in them. As you are in England the BBC did a documentary into gym supplements and there experts that tested some common supplements like Whey. The called it expensive milk.

Reviving an old thread here, but as someone who spends 15 hrs a week in the gym and given my recent diagnosis, Its back to the building blocks so to speak as far as my diet goes.

Protein and amino acids are the essential building blocks IF you wish to put on muscle mass. Up until recently my protein intake was body weight (lbs)x 1.5 in grams per day.

So, being diagnosed with MS has thrown a bit of a curve ball as far as my protein intake goes.

Since BTN ( whey, casein ect ect) proteins are out of the question I will be looking heavily into plant based proteins to supplement my diet.

None the less, heres is a article I came across while searching BTN proteins. The funny thing is I didnt even include any mention of multiple sclerosis in the search query.

Frightening isn't it!
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World Health Organisation are under a gram per kilo of body weight.
There is so much myth about protein it is funny if it were not so body damaging.
https://medium.com/@richroll/slaying-th ... f53585e778
I have muscle wastage because of my mobility problems and have been told to up my protein intake to help this. I have some hemp protien powder which is entirely natural so I thought this would be OK, no different from eating meat (I have always been a vegetarian). I can still walk with crutches, but only 20 metres or so. I have my exercise to do but it is not the same as a mobile person who can lift weights !
Any advice ?
Just to put it out there, By no means am I a personal trainer or a dietitian. I solely base my recommendation on what has worked for me. I am a 31 year old male. I have been weight lifting since the age of 17.

Since my diagnosis my exercise regimen has taken a bit of a back seat because. I find I am not in mental state to exercise (anyone else have this problem?) Because I have been lacking in my weight training and am off what was once my regular healthy diet (transitioning over to OMS diet) I have dropped 15lbs. I ask myself everyday Is this the lack of motivation part of the disease or just my brain talking to my body and saying feel sorry for me?

What we all need from time to time in life is a good dose of motivation. Maybe i need to embrace my new life style, but I know I am on the journey to find my motivation again.

Hpebbles2, what I can say is this. If your going to exercise do what you can and do it to the best of your ability. Nobody knows your body better than yourself and YOU know your limit(s).

In my opinion, here a some good exercises for beginners and or people with decreased mobility.

Navigate around the page, if you already haven't, and you will find different exercises that you may be able to perform. They have video tutorials as well.

https://beta.mssociety.ca/living-with-m ... l-activity

For more advanced excercises i would recommend visting http://www.bodybuilding.com and start reading.

Like Jack Osborne says "I dont live with MS, MS lives with me." And remember, the only bad work out is the one you didn't do.

Good luck and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I will answer them to the best of my ability.
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