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Hello everyone,

Well I am in a bad way at the moment. I just had an MRI and I have 8 new leisons since 2011 .... my last scan. I dont know if thats good or bad? Two are active.


I have a weird symptom in my right leg - it feels harder to move and i cant point or curl my toes properly? Funny thing is I can walk in heels?

Is this a slight drop of my foot - or footdrop?

Its quite scary for me as this is new and makes me extreamly tired.

What can I do to help this? Would Pilates help? My aunty just bought a reformer and said I am welcome to use it whenever I want and if I get use out of it she will give it to me !

Today is the worst.... I find that my foot is turning outwards and I roll over on it...

What other excercises are good for this?

Now the scary question. Is this permanent? Does it mean its going to get worse ? I really want to try and work back to what I was ... its very frightening.

Sophie :)
Hi Sophie,

I've only have mild foot drop a few times, and I tend to notice it because as I walk my foot scuffs on the floor (even though I think I'm walking normally, it seems I haven't raised my foot enough). Not being able to curl toes sounds like something different.

I did get problems with balance and coordination and sensation (luckil;y not for a long while) and I found pilates massively helpful in improving those. I don't know if it will help you, but it's definitely worth giving it a try - I noticed significant improvement within 3 weeks of starting a once-weekly 45 min class. Hope it's just as helpful for you too.

Best wishes,

Sophie, could you tighten up your diet, are you taking enough omega 3, how are your vitamin D levels?

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Hi everyone

Thank you ...

I am so frightened at the moment... I dont know what to do ... my leg is so weak. I was just walking around the shopping centre trying so hard to walk normal.

Yes you are right korimako - How about I actually start THE proper diet, I am all over the place at the moment. I havent got my vitamin D tested in a while and I think I could benefit from a megadose.

Catriona I think pilates will help me immensely ...

I am just frightened this is the downslide for me :(

Hi Sophie

I had quite a significant relapse at the end of 2012 when my leg went weak and I suffered with footdrop. I had a course of steroids, physio-prescribed Pilates and got into OMS. My relapse remissed and the footdrop is no longer a problem. Just wanted to reassure you that it's not the beginning of the end!

However, I would recommend you speak to your MS nurse, as I 'ignored' my leg weakness until it got to the point where I couldn't walk, before I got treatment.

Thank you so much for your kind advice.

I am on my third day pilates and have been doing foot drop stretches.

I have tightened my diet up ... this morning I got up and it had gone. Now its back again :(

I have also started acupuncture in which he has treated footdrop before with great success.

I am off to get a full blood test this week along with vitamin D to see what my levels are at.

Thanks so much everyone for your great advice.

Sophie :)
My husband is newly diagnosed just this past March. Foot Drop was THE issue that brought him to see a Dr, but we didnt know what that was at the time. Just leg weakness and tingling in the feet. When prompted by the dr of past history he told her of double vision about 10 years ago that he visited an eye dr for and he was treated for 2 nervs touching, but it went away with time and also that his feet were hurting bad about 2-3 years ago, but a podiatrist gave him orthotic inserts and he went on his way. Both issues were far apart and a dr was seen and we did as told and figured it would fix. MS was the LAST thing we expected our Dr. to come up with! Reading it now as I write there is a bunch there to sound an alarm, but at the time you just kind of wave off the little symptoms if they dont stop you, you know? Thought it was a pinched nerve or something in his back! We are frightened as well as we have no idea of what the future will be facing MS! We wonder how much worse will it get? should he start medication? he would rather not... etc.

He does complain of that walking thing where you cant tell if you are lifting the foot high enough to step up a stair or curb. He says he thinks he moving it where it needs to go and yet still catches the top of the step every time and it trips him up. He says he "drags" his leg around (weakness).
I am so glad to hear this can remiss.. so, some of you who have experienced this can say that at times it goes away and you feel "normal" walking again? Id love to relay that positive note to him.

What exercises specifically can you do for this? I own a total gym (the one christy brinkly and chuck norris promote) I would love ideas to give him. A customer of ours whos wife is a neurologist came in with one for him, he sits on the floor and lifts his right leg off the floor and holds it up as long as he can then lets it down. he repeats this maybe 5-10 times each morning and has said it seems to help. he could barely lift it an inch the first days and now gets it up quite a bit higher. so, we can see the improvement.
any other suggestions?

Exselsior8, what r you doing on the pilates end? the total gym is similar to a pilates table thing... and best of luck on recovery!!!
The sports rehab specialist who looked at my drop foot (and knee lock) issue (the two occur together) said about the foot drop that muscles work in pairs, that I didn't have actually 'weakness' in the muscle I couldn't move, but spasming and inappropriate prolonged contracting of the other muscle in the pair. When one muscle in a pair is contracted, the other cannot move (contract) until its pair-muscle releases. He said we could try Botox if the problem became bad. He recommended stretching out my calf muscle on a regular basis to pre-empt the spasms/contractions. Hope this helps make sense of it for you.
Hello Mahashu,
Finally I've found someone who has the same symptoms as me! I get foot drop and knee buckling when I walk, which is worse the faster I go. For a long time people told me this happens when one gets fatigued or hot, but I have since learned what I suspected -it gets worse the faster you go. This was confirmed by an MS physiotherapist. She said it's important to do exercises slowly and to focus on stretching the 'extension' muscles in the lower half of the body: internal rotator (outer thigh), adductor magnus (inner thigh), calves, and gluteal maximus. In turn, one can strengthen the opposing 'flexing' muscles: hamstrings, shins (lift toe) and hip flexors. Do not strengthen the thigh on purpose! In the upper half of the body things are opposite. The flexing muscles are the ones that need to be need to be stretched. Hope this helps others and please post if you have more information. I'm constantly trying to learn more myself.
Kat the Rat from Canada
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Hello everyone. I suffer mild foot drop can anyone recommend nice shoes I can wear. I'm so fed up of wearing lace up trainers. I am female. Thanks. Harveyxx
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