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Hi Harvey,

Sorry to hear about your shoe dilemma! I face the same problems as I suffer from painful feet with some numbness. I too spend most of my time in trainers but I have found that I can wear shoes or sandals that have substantial soles and that have straps to hold them on. I wear my shoes slightly too big as my feet feel heavy and swollen and my toes feel like they're curled like a bird gripping a branch, even though they look perfectly normal!
Some shoes come with quite a cushioned sole and these are definitely better. So it's bye bye flip flops for now but after suffering this feet thing for 2 years now I finally feel that there is some improvement some days.
This diet is great because despite not being able to wear any of my lovely shoes for now, I have a new wardrobe of clothes that I couldn't fit into anymore An added bonus! I have been following it properly for 8 months now and I feel significantly better despite feeling like I have size 12 feet.

All the best,

I was really interested in the information on muscle tightness as I have foot drop and spasms down my leg and also have very tight achilles, calf, thigh and hip muscles. I have been trying to stretch them myself but they will not shift so have an appointment with an MS physio next week.
Lesley Boast
Cambridge UK
A good physio will help ! last year my foot drop was getting worse, I was swinging my leg out to the side when I walked cos I couldn't pick my leg up. I went to a physio at the ms therapy centre and she was brilliant.
I still walked with crutches but she had me picking my feet up normally again.
I haven't been to physio since christmas and in the last few months the foot (more like leg)drop is back big time. So I am going back to the physio for her to hopefully work her magic again.
I wish she could do the same for my bladder :(
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