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Hi folks,
I've just returned from a weeks holiday in Australia where I tripped and fell causing a few grazes and bruises but thankfully nothing more serious. However this will be my 3rd fall in 6 months and it seems to happen when I trip over a slightly raised kerb or the front of my foot catches on the pavement. I then fall full length and I can't seem to do anything to stop the fall. I am worried that the next time I might fracture something. Most of the time I walk ok but with slightly altered gait, but the falls are happening more often. Can anyone advise what I can maybe do to reduce these instances. I'm not ready yet for a stick but wondered if specific exercises could maybe help. I'm a newcomer to the programme having been on it for just 4 months. I was diagnosed back in 1997 and have had few issues over this time. I'm now 53. Loving OMS and wish I had known about it before now, however looking forward with much optimism :)
Thank you
Sorry just noticed that this topic might be better in the exercise forum

I will move it for you, also search for foot drop or foot flop in the Exercise forum, lots of tips and exercises. It does get better believe me, and four months is early days for the OMS recommendations. Wendy:Moderator
Consider having a few consultations with a physiotherapist who specialises in neurology. I have done this last week and have a set of exercises to improve my balance and muscle strength in the areas that are weakened.

We all have individual needs, so I recommend you see a neuro physio for assessment of what YOU need.


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Thanks for the positive tips. Will follow up on these :)
Sound like the old MS classic symptom of foot drop. Mine has improved lots while following OMS, and now I only notice it when running (and en only after the first 4 or 5km). I also found pilates helped.
Hi Bylass,

I used to fall 3 times a month. This year no falls yet !!
I was/am walking with a wheeler. Now 2 years on the program.

My balance has gotten better, I suppose. Finger to nose (eyes closed)
is going much better too; almost perfect.
The program/diet takes time. Try to be patient.

Last year I started tripping and falling a lot. I've had MS for 11 years. I am still reasonably able and have a weird sense of balance when I move / walk anywhere. After speaking to close friends and family about it, they all advised that they didn't remember a time when I didn't 'shuffle' everywhere, ie. not lifting my feet. I was getting really fed up with badly scuffed knees and started practicing mindful walking, i.e. trying to stride properly and lift my feet. I still have to remind myself every time I go out of the house to 'lift my feet' constantly. I know if I don't I will probably forget and trip over something. Its certainly helping. I appreciate that its not possible in all cases to 'retrain' your brain and I apologise if this seems silly - it feels like I am learning a new habit!
good advice about getting physiotherapy.

Foot drop is one of the frustrating symptoms. You never really know when it's going to happen.

Even though I run many miles, I fall too.

I had a very bad fall two weeks ago. It's my left foot. It just scraped on the ground and I ended up flat on my face -- elbow and knee bleeding and three rocks in my hand! I need to make a conscious effort to raise my left foot. Normally I run next to someone, but this time she was 10 ft in front of me. Yesterday, I almost fell again, but my friend grabbed me just in time - it's great to have an exercise partner!!
Hi Baylass

One important facet of the OMS program that will help prevent falls is the vitamin D supplementation. I presume you are already on this if you are on the program, but randomised controlled trials have shown that not only does vitamin D prevent fractures, it halves the incidence of falls. The other thing is exercise. Rather than being careful and cutting back on exercise, try to increase it, particularly exercises to strengthen the legs. But do them either in controlled circumstances in a gym, or if you are able to run, run on grass so that if you do fall you won't do any serious damage. Getting back a bit of strength in the legs should help a lot.

Hope that helps

Be well

The physio at my MS therapy centre assessed me for a FES unit and loaned me one to try. They are from odstockmedical.com
The electric impulse does lift my toes/foot. It helps walk further.
It is just tiresome wiring myself up each day, sticking electrodes on my lower leg and having wires running up my leg to the unit !
The NHS used to fund them but not any more. But it is a postcode lottery so you might be lucky !
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