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All of the above good advice, and get a wii fit if you can. Someone else had posted how it helped their balance and their core strength. It's true.
I have a strange sensation that I'm walking on uneven, stony ground under my left foot and my right foot sort of turns inwards to compensate for it. As you can imagine, it's making walking tricky at times and I've had quite a few falls lately. I fractured my pelvis trying to get on a train in September and seem to have fallen at least a couple of times per month since.

Despite the frequent falls, my pelvis has healed and I'm now trying to step up my exercise a bit. I figure Pilates will help, with its focus on core strength, and I'm doing yoga for balance. I'm swimming once or twice a week, lots of breaststroke to move my legs and pelvis through a wide range of motion. I'm also walking lots but I have to pretty much talk my way through each step to 'do it right'. I'm reluctant to use a walking stick, as I always feel bent out of shape when I do, with all sorts of aches and pains that weren't there before.

I hope you're doing OK now xx
Hi everyone, thanks for all your helpful advice. Sorry it's taken me a wee while to get back on here. I have been looking though! I think I am having less falls but I believe this is because I'm avoiding the risk of falling by not walking so much. However I do intend to do more and will follow the suggestions offered. I think I've had a drop of confidence to be honest but hopefully will get back on track soon. Thanks again and best wishes
I've fallen a few times, my right shoe just catching a bump in the pavement, etc. Most times, I catch myself, but I definitely have a for that drags. Here's what I do and what I suggest you look at:

I do elliptical 4x weekly. It strengthens the legs as you hold on.

In yoga, we sit at the beginning and first point, the pull or toes in, almost to the point of cramping. This strengthens the muscles of the foot and this responsible for lifting it. I also practice lifting my tires at the gym

I wear shoes with a hard sole, so the shoe moves as a unit.

You can easily wear an afo, they have very small and discrete ones.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I agree with George regarding the legs in fact I attended a retreat in Australia a couple of years ago and George told us all to keep our legs as strong as we can as it helps in so many areas.

I ride a stationary bike, which really helps with leg strength (got cheap off ebay), and I also do squats on the carpet. This has really improved my balance and given me really strong legs. Although the MS does give me a degree of leg weakness, it doesn't seem to effect me too much, due to fact that my legs are so strong from the exercise. It is almost impossible to fall off a stationary bike and if you do squats on a yoga mat or carpet, it doesn't really matter if you fall onto a soft surface.

As Alex mentioned, strong-soled shoes are a must to assist with walking and possible tripping.

Good luck!
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