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Hi, I'm fairly new here and am wondering how to exercise! I am fairly disabled and it takes me most of my strength to cook, do the washing and occasionally go shopping. We have a house with a lot of stairs and if I do too much walking I hardly have the strength to go upstairs to bed in the evenings! Moving isn't really an option - our house is lovely with a beautiful garden, and my son and family (including a wonderful grandson) live right next door. Apart from which I'm looking to improve, not deteriorate! But does anyone have some suggestions as to how I can exercise without draining all my strength? I use a walker, by the way.
I think the key is to start small and build up gradually. Can you manage a gentle 5 minute walk? Or 5-10 minutes of yoga? Don't rush yourself at this stage - your body is telling you that it has very little energy - listen to it and be very gentle with yourself
Hi there
Great to hear that you're starting with a positive attitude.
Can you buy a mini trampoline? Just to gently walk a few steps on it. You can use a door for balance. Yoga r Pilates is great idea too. X
Hopefully fatigue will reduce the longer you are on the diet aspect.
Pacing is how I fit more in.
Before breakfast (but after I prepare my bowl of food) I do a little walking because breakfast is all ready to eat so I know then I will be having a rest.
Don't know how long you have been on this OMS but hopefully the change in what you eat will start to kick in.
When resting imagine you are going for a walk this will use the same parts of the brain.
Hi Mars,
you should try to get in exercise that doesn't make you too fatigued. It sounds like you get a fair amount on the stairs.

Can you lie on your side and do some leg lifts? Can you lift light weights with your arms? Can you lie on your back and do any type of crunches or leg lifts? Even two or three?

The great part about starting an exercise program is that you can easily measure your progress. If you take a small weight in your arm, and all you can do is lift one time, then stop. Try again two days later, you might be able to do two. Maybe within a week you can do five. It's really motivating to track your progress.

I have mentioned previously that I started running last year, at first only a couple hundred meters. Now I can do a lot.

I wish you the best.
Hi Mars

You could try one of those mini exercise bikes that you put on the floor and you can use when siting on a sofa or chair. Using hand weights whilst sitting on a chair is also great. I started off using very small weights and have slowly built up over time and increased my weights also. Visiting a physio is a good idea one who has a good knowledge of MS and can give you some good ideas of where to start.

Thanks so much, everyone, for your suggestions - particularly that it's ok to start in sitting! I've started doing some exercises in sitting with an elastic Thera-Band and plan to slowly increase my walking times over the next few weeks.
I've only been doing the recovery programme for a week, and my vitamin D level was almost off the chart (the lower end!), so hopefully I'll have more energy when things start to take an effect!

It will be nice to hear of your progress, Margaret.


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Any aquatic therapy programs available near you? I saw an MS group doing a session at a local warm water spring and even the worst off of them seemed at much greater ease in the water. Perhaps your local MS chapter can provide some info and/or transportation assistance if needed? Best wishes to you & your family!
Thanks for all your tips, everybody.
I'd been feeling very positive and encouraged up to today. This week I managed to get on to my exercise bike in the basement for the first time for nearly a year and pedal for 5 minutes. (I should perhaps add that I had a hip replacement in January this year, which has also set me back a bit movement-wise). Two days ago I was able to walk about 2 yards without my walker and without holding on to anything!
Then yesterday I hobbled round a supermarket with a friend for nearly 2 hours (stocking up on OMS friendly food). When I got home I shelled a pound of peanuts to make some peanut butter (which was quite a job for my hands, as I have sensory problems).
Today I feel absolutely wiped out - weak legs, fatigue, weak hands - worse than for a long time.
I assume I've just overdone it and things will pick up again, but today I can't face doing any exercise. Is this a common experience with any of you? I feel quite discouraged today :(
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