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I think that you just did way too much.
Great news you made progress but you need to do less to do more ulitimately.
Cycling for say 2 minutes to start with, when you have done that for a week and it feels OK up it by litterally 15 seconds and repeat.
You must take it slowly and progressively build up.
You did the over acheive and are now in the burn out pile but you will pull through but when you do little steps.
Little steps to build up you need to listen out for signs of what is too much or what should be too much and either accept and acknowledge the crash back may happen later or stop and rest.
But you did stuff that is cool like the walking.
Yep, you just overdid it - a temptation that is very hard to resist! :) Get plenty of rest then try again, taking it a bit easier. You'll probably do the same kind of burnout at least 2 or 3 more times before you get used to spotting your warning signs and knowing when to ease off, but you will get there. Any kind of overload can do it for me - doing too much physically, doing too much mentally, too much noise and distraction around me - but it's OK if I slow down, calm down, take a break at the right time - and just a few minutes break can be enough.
I'm also very familiar with the after effects of overdoing it.
But it does pass, if you give yourself extra rest.
Then just keep moving, even if just a little. It's the sustained movement we want,
not the heroic effort that renders us immobile for five days.

Shelling peanuts does sound lovely!
You want to build your tolerance but still leave energy reserve for daily living, hence the suggestion start with only 2 minutes or even less.
Start at the level that does not impact other activity so that it can slip in and slowly build it up. Allow rest after each exercise before next activity and lying down is best leg rest. And maybe every other day to start to introduce exercise.
We can all do more but not without energy setback so patience :-)
Any heroic exercise is usually my stuborness to finish it, lol
Oh Mars,

Poor you - yes you have over done things BUT just rest up and tomorrow IS another day!! Or it could be the next day after tomorrow that you begin to feel better. Whatever .... you will recover but listen to your body and do not try to do anything except the basics - even then take things easily!!

Yes, it is very hard not to overdo things - I am a devil for doing that and then find that I am 'knackered' for days to follow!!

We all have to learn to not overdo things and find a gentle balance in our lives.

Things will improve as your Vitamin D levels improve - can you ask the Doctor for an injection of Vitamin D that will give you a kick start to increasing your levels??

Love Glencoe Sandie
Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement.
Yes, Glencoe Sandie, I've always been a one for overdoing it! It's partly that I really DO believe I shall recover (I thought this even before OMS days) and partly just impatience. I really must learn to take things slowly. What doesn't help is a partner who doesn't cope at all well with the situation and feels HIS life is over because I am ill! This makes me try and prove things sometimes - but I'm slowly learning that this is actually contraproductive!
I've already taken a huge megadose of vitamin D and am supplementing daily, so I'll hold back with asking my doctor for an injection until I test again in 2 months' time.
Thanks again for all the help.

Hi Margaret,
Your post took me back as I was exactly the same: exhausted after doing my usual sports, then unable to do it then struggling to do everyday task, unfortunately I didn't find out about OMS until I got very badly disabled.I agree with Veg: until I had picked up for me pacing was the only way to manage and I started building up exercising with action of squeezing a ball with my hands but without a ball just a few times or bending legs, I felt that , while kind, advice of yoga, swimming walking were not imagining the extent of my disability! But it came in time, I was lucky: I got much better very quickly, It does seem that vitamine D is important against the fatigue but also the pains for me, Wendy advised me get tested and my level at 120 ( 5000 iu/ day )i was not fatigue anymore but in pain, I'v upped my vitamine D to 7500/ day, I need to get a test again soon but the pains have now mostly gone!
have you had your vitamine D tested again ? How are you?
'The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the one doing it'
Chinese proverb.

Hello Margaret. Could you start with a gentle stretching routine? Some sources think this is the most important part of an exercise regime for PWMS. It's gentle, you can start slowly, stop, pick up again, rest between stretches, and build up the repetitions as you build your strength and flexibility, and it might help with any spasticity you may have.

Here are a couple of links which might be of interest to you.


http://bikenct.nationalmssociety.org/do ... tching.pdf

Wishing you well,

Thanks Babette and Lawrie for your interest after so many months!

My vitamin D level was 16 back in August (!), and by the end of November I'd got it up to 60. More megadosing followed and 10,000 ie supplements daily and I'll test again at the end of March.
Like you, Babette, I was already quite disabled (after 14 years) before discovering OMS. After 4/12 months on the programme I can't report any sensational steps, but there's definitely a little improvement. I certainly have more energy and interestingly enough I've begun to get comments from other people such as "You seem to be doing better" or "I've known you walk slower than this"! One small thing I have noticed, however, is that I get out of bed more easily. I have a small rope next to my bed that I can heave on if I can't get out. Last week I suddenly realised I hadn't needed it for more than two months!
I still can't do vast amounts of exercise or walking, so a lot of it is still just pacing myself, but I'm looking forward to further developments!

Thanks again!
That is most impressive, Margaret, and I am sure we will hear you reporting even more improvement in the months and years to come.

Very best wishes,


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