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Even if the progress is slow it is progress, so well done! There is a post or was it a Facebook one...? Either from George or OMS post I think, that said it is the direction we are heading towards rather than speed of recovery that really matters: it was a great thing to read to help stay focus and realise we're doing well or to warn us of the need to adjust back into lifestyle.I'm sure someone will recognise what I'm on about and post a link to it...you sound definitely like you're heading into the right direction! All the best !

I found it! It was a Facebook post from5 th of Nov.13 https://www.facebook.com/OvercomingMult ... ts&fref=ts
'The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the one doing it'
Chinese proverb.

Hi Mars,

It sounds like you just overdid it a bit to me. I too am having an exhausted day and feeling a bit frustrated by it. Although I am only mildly affected by MS, on days like today it is much more extreme. Fatigue, muscle aches in my limbs, crampy style tightness in my calves, more obvious numbness in my right hand and leg, foot drop and weakness as soon as I start to walk instead of after a mile or so. All a bit tiring and annoying as I've had such a good week.

That's when I find it happens.

I think I get a bit over zealous because I feel good and then a few days later it hits me that I've done too much. On days like today I do an extra long meditation in a restful position (lying down for me), make sure I eat something warm and nourishing like homemade soup and bread, or savoury rice with ginger and chilli, and just get as much rest as possible. Once the worst of it passes I start to introduce some gentle yoga, focusing on my breath and opening out my chest and ribs area to increase oxygen intake whilst I breathe.

I find this really quickly helps me get back to where I was, and actually the breathing and yoga is something I try and do every day in addition to meditation. It's actually when I haven't done it for a few days due to busy-ness, that my fatigue appears.

And camomile tea!!! I drink gallons of it when I'm feeling exhausted. It helps me relax, sleep well and feel less "inflamed"!!!

Hope this helps.

I am a yoga teacher, so if you want any postures/breathing exercises I would be happy to send you some on here

Well done on the cycling and walking btw. If love to hear about your progress. I'm hoping to restart my running again soon (2/3 mins at a time of course!!)

Lynne x
Water (pools) are great for exercise, they give support and resistance. last year had therapy that basically had me walking and other basic motions supervised in a pool.

If you have a therapist that can show you how to use a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) it possible is an option.

Currently I use a recumbent stationary bike, 5 min every day.
Hi Mars -

The same thing happens to me the day after I do too much, I think it is 'normal' (or the new normal, anyway!). I find myself very tired, with the bear hug feeling and my symptoms flaring. I think it is an indication that I have done too much, as the situation calms down with rest, fairly quickly. My husband thinks that my recovery periods are getting shorter, he's definitely noticed an improvement in the last few months. I started the OMS program in March of this year.

As for feeling discouraged, I really hope you are feeling more positive again now. I too get very discouraged/depressed but have noticed recently that the depression is really a warning sign that I have done too much. I find it helps if I view the depression as a symptom. And it is usually my teenaged son who points out to me that I am becoming discouraged, grumpy or depressed, as only a teenager can!! That's what made me realize it is tied to the physical symptoms. It's also easier for my family to deal with when they know that my mood change is just like a physical change. My strategy now is to build recovery time into my schedule after exercise, and to recognize that it's ok to take some down time after I have done too much, no matter what the cause.

Good luck and keep up with the walking and exercising, it really does help!

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