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hello everyone,

I've started to run a few months ago and I've recently started strenth training with a trainer. I'm seeing amazing results in my balance, strength, coordination, my grip and much more. Does anyone have experienced similar stuff? Can I overdo the working out? I do feel good though.

I wonder if it's the diet or that my muscles are getting stronger (and got weaker before) even though I always felt "ok", just my balance wasn't like it used to be.

Anything I need to pay attention to? I've been eating 2 eggwhites most days and once a week a protein shake with hemp protein. I understand to go easy on these because that's not too healthy but doesn't it make sense to up a bit the protein as I feel I do need it.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks so much,
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Hi Ingrid
I've just started at gym again. I'd be interested in what programme your following. I've gone back after 6 years and boy do I feel the difference. I'm so much weaker. But it's slowly slowly I know. Thanks everso K
I've started running 3 months ago and never liked it but suddenly I did. So I signed up for a 5K which I ran in August. I'm thinking now of a 10K in a few months but we'll see if time permits (I might be gone that weekend, that's the only reason).

As far as strength - I'll do what my trainer pushes me to...and that's pretty much heavy lifting and lunges, crunches, crawling on the floor...all the good stuff. He's kicking my butt but as mentioned I feel so much stronger in a pretty short time. It's absolutely amazing.

What are you doing and are you adjusting food wise?
DX March 2011, OMS October 2011
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Good for you Ingrid!

My only advice to you would be to pay close attention to your body and rest when your body says rest (not your mind - that would be lazy ;))... Otherwise, go for as much as you feel is right for you - and perhaps keep extending your personal boundary!

Keep strong...
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Good advice. I listen to my body, today only managed 10 lengths in pool and 2km walk. But hey I don't feel whacked. K
Hi Ingrid,
I am trying to contact you through the forum as my emails to you always appear to bounce back! Please would you let me know if this arrives safely.
I've done a cheats reply for you below.

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Subject: recipe question

Hi Andrea,

I hope you are well. Yes, good thank you. We have just started a week’s holiday from school so it’s great to have a week’s down time ahead. My spine has been rumbling so I know I’ve got to chill a bit to keep healthy. How about you? Has stopping work helped you keep healthy or are you as busy as ever with different projects such as this cookbook?
Thank you so much for submitting a recipe - the sweet and sour haricot dish sounds yummy! This meal feels a bit like cheating because it’s so easy but for a non foodie person such as I and also with having a sweet tooth, it’s perfect.

Below are the instructions you submitted - is there a time in between adding the apricots, beans and mushrooms or can they all be added at the same time? Yes
Also the ingredients, aren't listed how to prepare them? I'm assuming peppers and onions chopped? Is that correct? I’ve added it below, sorry to miss it out.

One last question - if you can't find apricots in a tin, are dried apricots soaked in water possible too? I’ve never tried that. I’ll try it over the next week and let you know.

Thanks so much for your support in the cookbook project :) Ingrid Well done for doing the project. We’re looking forward to it!

1 medium onion chopped
2 red peppers chopped
1 clove garlic crushed or very finely chopped
1 tin haricot beans
1 tin apricots
1 tin chopped tomatoes
250g mushrooms sliced

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon soya sauce
2 tablespoons tomato puree or passatta
2 teaspoons honey
500ml vegetable stock
Pinch salt and black pepper
2 tablespoons cornflour"

"1) Dry fry the onions, peppers and garlic.
2) To make the sauce, strain the apricot juice and mix with the
red wine vinegar, tomato purée, soya sauce and honey.
3) Dissolve the cornflour in a little of the stock then add it
to the sauce.
4) Add the remaining stock.
5) Add the sauce to the onion mixture.
6) Chop and add the apricots
7) Add the beans
8) Slice then add the mushrooms
9) Simmer for up to 45 mins or pop in the oven at 180C until
the sauce has cooked with the other ingredients."

Andrea x
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love love love exercise my favourites are weight strength training and going out on my bike used to run a lot but had a bit of a dodgy hip so have not run for a while , I find I feel worse when I don't exercise it helps with my fatigue and muscle aches. Think you just have to be aware of what is wright for your body I used to work out a lot before my diagnosis doing bootcamps and half marathons ive found I cant train at the pace I used to but I still have a good workout that leaves me with plenty of energy for other things in life the really boring stuff of work and looking after my lovely family , you have to train for what is best for you if your feeling tired then rest and if your wearing yourself out with your workouts then reduce what your doing if you feel good train just never push yourself to been exhausted. HAPPY TRAINING
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