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Hi everyone,

So I've been on the diet for about one and a half years. As many people here, I lost a fair bit of weight quite quickly and it then levelled out. I started exercise at the same time, going to the gym three times a week. I then decided to run 10k last year (as you do!) and my legs became more toned but overall my weight was stable.

Three months ago, after having trouble with my digestion, I had an intolerance test done and cut out a lot more food, the most significant - gluten, egg, yeast (and radically minimised my sugar intake even through fruit). My digestion immediately improved. Again I lost quite a bit of weight initially and it levelled out.

Now my weight is stable BUT I am definitely slimming down. I can tell from my clothes etc
I only go to the gym twice a week now BUT I feel I can feel and see my muscles more clearly than ever before.

With me limiting my sugar intake, did my body switch to the fat reserves and is turning this to muscle?

Does this ultimately mean my calorie intake is too low and I should up it?

At this moment in time I love the way I look but I don't want to slim down anymore. But also I really like the feeling of my muscles - I know that sounds a bit weird but you know what, with ms we so often see our bodies as a limiting object that it's nice to love it!

Thanks for any thoughts/hints

Mila x
What I would do is a food diary and to actually see over a given week how many callories are you actually comsuming.
It is easy to eat a whole food plant centric diet and be low on calories as the food is less calorie dense so you have to eat more.
If you cut wheat and yeast I am guessing you cut a lot of bread out and lost a lot of calories that way.
I am also GF and avoid yeast and also excess sugar so I eat things liek cold baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and make say carrot cake (no oil or yeast or gluten or sugar).

(just recently someone was surprised I had trouble with walking that moment because I looked so dam fit, good skin, good weight, good musles, slight glow of outside tan etc. so I can relate to it is OK to feel good about how you look just a shame it does not always work that well).
Thanks for that veg, I have a food diary so I guess I should now look at calories, I have just never been that fussed about calories at all - another thing to look at the labels for haha :)

I don't eat much starch at all as I don't feel that potatoes agree with me, sweet potatoes are a bit better, all glutenfree bread has egg in it so that's off the table too, I quite like gf pasta but most of the time it will be fish and vegetables (lots of white fish to keep fat low) and rice cakes. Too lazy to bake... So there is really not a lot of calorie dense stuff I eat.

Soon I can start reintroducing food, especially looking forward to booze - that will up my calories!

Mila x

Most people find that the OMS diet alone will prompt weight loss as you are cutting out much of the unnecessary saturated fats - in the form of meat, dairy, processed food, junk food etc.

Are you following the OMS diet because of MS, or are you simply looking to lose weight? If the latter, it should be pointed out that OMS is not a weight loss programme - weight loss is just a common effect of ditching the typical Western diet.

If you are following OMS for MS reasons and still want to lose weight (I know I had more weight to lose in the beginning that some other people following the programme), then look at your portion sizes. Cut down on dense carbs like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc and fill up on more veg.

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