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I wondered if anyone has experienced or is experiencing similar to me and if so any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!

I am finding that after 45 mins of walking at an 'urgent' pace my left leg becomes weak and takes a lot of effort to control. I usually sit down after 30 mins for a 5 min rest. It seems to affect the whole leg and my foot action. This is because of my first episode in December 2012 when my leg suddenly stopped working. By the time I get home after an hour and a half walking my leg is exhausted and I need to sit down to recover. I seem to recover within 10/15 minutes and am able to walk again. I haven't tested how far though as it is just to school which is less than 10 mins.

I am very active and have always kept fit. I can cycle no problem and both legs feel the same after an hours vigorous bike ride. ('Normal' wobbly!) I saw a physio yesterday and after all the tests she said my muscle fitness was good and she wasn't able to tell any difference between my legs in the resistance tests etc. She was puzzled as to why this was happening and put it down to fatigue after my ms episode. She advised me to ease off the pace when I am walking and experiment with resting and distance etc to see if that helps. She gave me a couple of balance exercises - stand on one leg and rotate the other leg and walk heel to toe in a straight line. I did feel that she was wondering why I was there as she asked why I wanted to be able to do this.... and she said that most people would be glad that they could walk 45 minutes at that pace. This is true I'm sure and of course I am grateful that I can walk but I really enjoy walking with a purpose and would love to get back to being able to go for a long walk without worrying about making it home! I left the appointment feeling as though I need to accept that it is not going to improve which maybe I do but it is difficult to find the balance between staying positive and being realistic.

I do about 40 mins daily walking broken up into 3 lots and that is fine and I can run around after my children no bother.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help!
Hi Hilary,

I think you may have better luck with a neurophysiotherapist. My neurophysio said that my strength was the same across both arms and legs, but the functional strength was different. She was able to give me exercises to help. My normal physio said she wasn't qualified to help.

I'm not the biggest exerciser in the world, but my experience is that it's best to scale back after an attack to let your body rest.

Take care,
Hilary - the same thing happens to me. After 30 minutes of brisk walking my left leg seems to weigh a ton! I stumble and trip and can't walk more than 20 minutes like this.

My recommendation is to slow the pace slightly. Recognize the early warning signs and rest before you start the slide...for me a short five minute rest works.

I'm not sure if this is true with you but I have triggers: less than 7 hours of sleep the night before; skipped meal before my walk and eating refined sugar the day before are triggers for me.

I went to a neurophysiology and got some help as well. It turns out that I need to stretch. It makes a big difference.
Thank you Chris and CdeGrasse for your helpful replies! The first physio I went to a few weeks ago referred me to this new physio as she was an 'ms' physio. Is that the same as a neurophysio?

I will definitely try easing off the pace and resting more. I have bought myself a wee camping tripod chair which may come in handy when there aren't any benches!

Also interesting about the triggers which is something I will keep in mind.

Thanks again
Hi, those are exactly the symptoms I had years ago when I was first diagnosed.

I have progressive MS and now I can only walk for 10 - 15 mins or so without a rest, but I can still cycle OK. But as my leg has got weaker it has been easier to pinpoint the problems, and I believe they stem from the core muscles. In order to lift your foot and leg high enough to get ready for the next step forward, and for kicking the lower leg forward, you need to engage your core muscles.

When I was first referred to a neuro physio, she gave me balancing and core exercises. Unfortunately I didn't realise how important they were at the time, as I was still relatively well and active, and I concentrated on keeping my leg muscles strong.

Of course it may not be the same for you, but it's worth keeping in mind.
Hi Irene

Thanks for your reply. It does make sense that the core muscles are important as when my leg weakens I do feel I am having to tighten every muscle to regain control. Any tips/exercises for this you have to start me off would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks
I work in a physio clinic and to be honest your physio doesn't sound like they have the experience/understanding you need. Go for a more experienced one who has worked with neurological conditions or go to a specialist neuro physio.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09

I'm not sure but I'm guessing an MS physio must be trained to deal with neurological problems, so probably the same as a neuro physio.

Thanks Kashu and Chris. I have an appointment with my ms nurse next week so I will speak to her about another physio.

Take care
I get this too. On my best day I can manage 45 mins top before before my balance goes and my legs become weak and heavy like they don't want to move anymore my left is was also the worst, was told by my neuro that there was not a difference. I have been having acupuncture not sure if this has helped or the diet is really starting to take effect but the last couple of weeks my leg seems to have really improved it was a constant thing before now just when I get tired. like you say I too find it ok to cycle bit wobble when I stop. I have learnt that I really cant push myself anymore no good exercising till im exhausted I find it wipes me out for days. keep well del
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