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Hi Delb. Interesting that you may be feeling benefits of acupuncture. I hope you continue to feel improvements in your leg.

Take care,
Hi Hilary,

Re core exercises, this is a recent post which gives a few basic exercises:


I also found this from the MSTrust which gives more exercises:

http://www.therapistsinms.org.uk/downlo ... update.pdf

There's one exercise where you are on all fours on the floor and you raise the opposite arm and leg - my physio said you can eventually get so that you can raise the arm and leg on the same side of your body - I still don't know if she was joking or not!

For balancing, stand in front of a full length mirror, feet together, and try to stand on one leg, keeping the side of your body which is bearing the weight absolutely upright. If this is easy, make yourself more unstable by moving the raised leg sideways, forwards and backwards.
Thank you Irene that is really helpful! I will definitely be looking at those links.

Take care
Glad you are trying acupuncture. It has a lot to offer us.
I believe it has helped my overall energy level as well as my ability to feel rooted as I stand and walk.
I was doing it for 3.5 years before OMS so the benefits are somewhat clear in my mind.

While I stand or walk, I sometimes visualize myself pulling strength up from the center of the earth.
May sound mad but it helps me!

Sarah D
Hi Sarah

Thanks for sharing your experiences of acupuncture. I love to hear about what works for individuals and it is great that you are feeling the benefits. I will keep it in mind for something else to try.

Take care
this thread on nerve fatigue from a couple months ago might shed some light

Thanks nryan for directing me to that other thread - very interesting stuff on there! I am going to experiment with running to see if I can run the same length of time as I can walk before my leg gives in (if I have enough puff!)

Take care
I was pleasantly surprised by a visit to an exercise physiologist (on the recommendation of a great GP). I would suspect that most exercise physiologists would have no problem understanding why you were there and would understand that you could both hope for and expect improvements in your exercise outcomes. I wasn't even aware that they existed but was thrilled by his understanding, knowledge, support and enthusiasm.
Hi Valada

I am intrigued about seeing an exercise physiologist. I'm not sure if you are in the uk but if so was this on the NHS?

The most positive and helpful MD that I have seen to date has been the Physiatrist at the neuro-rehab center. He referred me to an exercise physiologist who has also been helpful.

My primary neurologist referred me to the physiatrist.... I am so grateful for the referral.

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