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You'll get many similar answers. I tried elliptical, treadmill, running and swimming before settling on elliptical. I started very small, only 10 minutes. Once I was up to 30, I didn't change for 3 years.

I started pull ups 6 months ago. I currently do 7-8 and then 3-4 after a rest. I started small. If I can do 10, I do 9 and never push too hard

Good luck. The best exercise I'd the one you do.


Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
The best exercise is the one that firstly you can get some enjoyment out of and the one that you will be able to sustain for a long period of time as exercise is so important so you want to do it for as long as you can in life.

I find mixing my exercise up a bit to alleviate boredom helps me. I do mainly swimming, bike riding (indoor) and floor exercises and sometimes going for walks. I aim for 5 times a week. Not always the same days but give myself 2 days off and for me it's generally when I am the busiest.
Yep... listen to your body. Thing with MS and our programme is you become more tuned to you body... our sixth sense.

Try different things, but for me it's road cycling, swimming, yoga and some weights. I don't suffer with fatigue thus far.

All the best.
From last week, I start jumping on my trampoline as my daily workout routine and I feel highly beneficial because the pain in my lower back is much better now than before. So, I greatly recommend others also to do this exercise but make sure with proper care and safety precautions.
Honestly speaking, I regularly keep on changing the schedule of exercises to break the monotony but definitely play Squash at the local club for about 1 hour daily. And I think this is the best cardio exercise that helps me to built up stamina.
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