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What kind of exercise do you do? How many times a week and how long do you go for? I've been trying different workouts and when I train too hard I'm incapacitated the next couple of days. Does anyone have beginner tips?

I'm not the biggest exerciser, partly due to fatigue and partly as it is the one part of the OMS programme that I find it hard to motivate myself to do.

My main exercise is walking - 20 minutes each way to work and 1.5 miles if I want to walk to the supermarket, which I do about twice a week. When motivated I do light weights work at the gym or half an hour on any of the cardio machines. Probably only 2 or 3 times a month, though.

I think the best tip is listen to your body and build up slowly so you don't end up incapacitated for a couple of days, which I think is your body trying to tell you not to push it. There are plenty of exercise pros who would have more experience, though.

Beginning, I think you might get as many answers as there are OMSers. At one end of the spectrum you have people running marathons who must have a ferocious training program, and at the other you have folk like me who can only manage (with difficulty) very simple exercises and simple stretches, with resting in between sets. I've learned that a combination of resistance exercises and endurance exercises is best and whatever you attempt to do just has to be tailored to everyone's individual capacity, with adequate rest days during the week. What I do know is that the less you do, the less you can do, so it is important to try, even though there are barriers to exercise for PWMS that neurotypical individuals might never fully understand.


Exercise is different for everyone, but you should be slowly building and increasing. What I found was that initially, I walked 30 minutes and would be fatigued. By the next year I was strength training, doing yoga, pilates, and swimming. Now, one year after that, I run and do HIIT training. So, changes happen over time. Go slow and recognize when you reach personal goals. Keeping a brief journal helped me see thse changes. Best of luck and never give up!

I have found that I can swim more distance than I can walk before getting messages from my body.
Swimming also cools me as I go, supports me, and is good for breathing (helps in yoga, which
I also do regularly)

It is very individual, both in terms of what you can do and what you like to do. I can't run, yet, so I
don't, but I wouldn't tell anyone that isn't a good mode of exercise.
Figure out what you like and what you are able to do; Do that. But do.
Even a little bit every day...
Good luck
I wondered if those who can't run ( yet!!) could tell me why? What stops you? Is it leg weakness, abs weakness or something else?

The reason I ask is that I've had a few issues with abdominal weakness after my second child and it has just recently got a bit worse rather than better. I tried to go for a run the other day and it was sooooo hard. My stomach just wasn't engaging and I didn't feel like it was just baby related.

Can anyone shed any light on this at all? My legs were feeling a bit weak, but the lack of abs engagement made it so hard to run. To be honest after about 5 mins I gave up.

Appreciate any thoughts on this

Lynne x
Chris1976 is spot on about listening to your body. Start small, build up slowly, learn to spot the warning signs that show you when you're overdoing it. Different exercises are good for different people and at different times. I love Pilates. My balance used to be really bad, and my symptoms flared up as soon as I warmed up, so I went swimming (no balance required and the water kept me cool). Over time I built up to walking then to running. Then I got pregnant and couldn't run, so back to walking and swimming. Had my baby, still not back to running yet.

Lynne, how long is it since you had your baby? Pregnancy can totally trash the abdominals - maybe you're trying to run too soon, which can slow your healing?
Hi Beginning,
I run, cycle and do weights. I have always exercised which perhaps has helped me somewhat. when I was diagnosed I had to scale my exercise right down but now I run 6 or 7 miles at a time, cycle 20- 25 miles in a day. I bulit up again slowly and so far so good. You need to do what works for you. if you feel that perhaps running is not really an option walk for a bit and perhaps do a bit of light jogging or cycle a couple of miles and see how you get on.

Take Care

Phil xx
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Hi Catriona thanks for your reply.

My baby is 10 months old now so I was hoping that I would be a bit stronger by now.

I had an increase in symptoms straight after she was born (by c section) but it calmed a bit and now I feel like I'm weakening again. I know my abs are terribly weak, so thought running would help as well as my daily yoga practise. But I'm thinking that you might be right about swimming. I tried running as it's quick, free and I don't have much opportunity to go swimming at the moment, but I'm going to try to fit swimming in again as it's so lovely and great for abs strength without the strain.

I'm finding it difficult to ease into it as I'm used to being really fit and strong (pre babies anyway!!)

Lynne x
Ps thanks for your reply too Phil. I'm def going to try run walk/run walk until I build back up.
Great to hear how much you do. V encouraging!
I can happily cycle for miles with no problem, but I suppose that it's no strain on the abs really. Mostly leg strength
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