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Hi everyone,
Have just returned home after 3 days in hospital because of an acute stomach bug. I spent most of the time lying in bed and on coming home today am shocked to discover how weak my legs have become in such a short time. Tonight I need to climb 30 stairs to go to bed and have the feeling this will not be easy!
Has anyone else experienced something like this and recovered their strength again quite soon?
Oh Mars, I am so sorry you were so ill! Hospital stays are never fun... Perhaps a few good nights of sleep without all the beeping and nurses waking you up to check vitals and draw blood, etc, will do the trick. I found I didn't heal well at all in the hospital but there is nothing like being home.

In the meantime, can you set up
On the couch to give your legs some time to come back? My hope for you is Once your body calms down from the attack of that bug, your neuro system will let up/relax as well and give you your leg strength back.

Maybe some stretching will help as well, but I, personally, would not do any exercising until body was fully rested and recovered from the bug.

Fluids, pajamas, rest and stretches. Praying for you!
Unfortunately a stomach bug wiped me real bad, rest rest gentle use rest and it will come back
Look after your gut flora asap
I agree with veg!
Yes I would like to know what is best when you have a sudden weakness in your legs, is it best to just rest them and not do any exercise? I have recently started a job and I am working on my feet one day a week for 6 hours. Now my legs feel weaker than they have been in a long time and I have to work again on saturday but I am worried they will get worse. Is rest recommended when you believe you may be having an exacerbation? I did yoga last nigh and it seemed to make me weaker, which usually the opposite happens.
Irrespective of any medical condition muscle wastage and therefore strength loss can occur after only a few days of complete bed rest. Hospitals should be more proactive in encouraging patients to exercise where possible.
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