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That link got altered when I copied it. It's been posted before, but well worth the read for motivation to exercise

http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/0 ... you-young/

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I'm getting my motivation at the moment from fundraising for the MS Society in the Great Manchester Run (10K) - exactly 5 weeks away (eek - lots more training to get in!). Keeping up pilates as well has helped my balance when running, so hoping to beat my time from last year (just under an hour and a half, jog with some short walking breaks).
you guys are amazing... :D

I dream of reaching that kind of level myself... 10 months ago I spent a couple of weeks in a wheelchair, currently my running capacity is a few half-minute intervals in between walking... in between I have had angioplasty and massive restenosis...

but miracles do happen, and you guys are wonderful inspiration!

now is springtime here, a perfect time to get out and establish a good habit of daily exercise - - and who knows, maybe next year I will join in a run myself :D

best of luck with you preparations, and with the 10k!

Thanks, Bjorn :D
In 2008, I couldn't imagine ever running again. I felt so broken all I could do was rest and try to eat the right food...
In 2009, I slowly built up to being able to walk unaided...
In 2010, I slowly built up to doing a 10K event jogging/walking...
In 2011, I'm hoping I can do 10K with less walking in the mix

Keep the faith, don't push yourself too hard, build up gradually and I'm confident you'll astound yourself with the extent of your recovery :)
Catronia, that's fantastic, what an inspiration, have a great time.

Bjorn, just believe!

Alex, thanks for sharing your experiences, it really helps.

I'm doing the 5k race for life, I've set myself the goal of running half, walking half. This time last year I could barely walk! :D
love you guys... you help me believe... :)
Gardengirl, that's great! Wish you the best of luck in the race for life - and it's great to hear about other people managing to recover their physical capability

I'm soo impressed to see your post of how you have got your fitness up over the last 3 years.. congratulations! What an achievement, and it sounds like you're getting fitter all the time.

I'm at the stage of trying to walk unaided as I'm currently using 2 sticks and a scooter for outings that are further than about 30 metres! I can walk across the sitting room in my flat unaided, which is about 3 metres... hooray :D , which I was unable to do before Christmas, but reading your post has just made me feel a million times better about the future. I knew I was doing the diet, exercise, rest, mediation, supplements... for a reason and reading your post has just confirmed it!

Good luck to all you in your races!

Thanks :oops: I'm soo glad if my story made you feel more hope, congratulations on walking across a room unaided, and I wish you the very best of luck with your continuing recovery.
The point when I got hope was on reading "Taking Control of Multiple Sclerosis" and finding out there were all these things I could try doing myself instead of just waiting for treatment from medical staff (not that I have anything against medical treatment - I still use it - but I felt so powerless/angry/frustrated just sitting on waiting lists for months and I think it's a really dangerous mindset to get into)
Here is an excellent paper on Exercise with MS. I've been doing the intermittant thing for a year now. 4 minutes intense and 4 mins rest, repeat. I just use the weight loss setting on the eliptical.

Strategies to improve physiotherapy outcomes in people with MS
The benefits of physiotherapy for people with MS have been widely recognised for many years. However, problems with fatigue and/or heat sensitivity can discourage people from participating in exercise or physiotherapy programmes. In the following article, Professor Herb Karpatkin discusses some strategies to enable people with MS to get the most out of their fitness regime.

http://www.mstrust.org.uk/professionals ... 011_05.jsp

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
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