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No I don't think you are doing any damage Denise, sometimes symptoms do appear to get worse then fade off again.,if that's the norm for you I would carry on. It's when you feel worse or really knackered that perhaps you need to stop. My dizziness is back currently, it's a really old symptom but I know it's a warning to slow down a bit.

Take care

Phil xxx
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Thanks Phil, that's what I thought. Oh, dizziness is not a nice symptom. I hope it clears for you soon x
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I just wanted to add that I have been doing weights now for 6 months. I started with the bar alone (it's 45lbs) and have been working my way up. I'm at 40 lbs on each side and I have an interesting way to guage if I'm doing too much well, 2 ways:

When I'm at a new level, say I've gone from 25 to 30, my left leg tingles while I lift and for a few hours after. This disappears after I get used to that weight. Then I move up to 35 and feel it again. It's a kind of indicator.

The other way I know when it's too much, is when I have back pain. I tried to move up to the "big boy": weights (the giant 45lb ones). i got 7 out, but am now aching. Perhaps a young man would just work through the pain, but any 50yo and especially one with MS should go slowly, so I have dropped back down and will hit my goal of 45lbs on each side next year.

Keep Exercising!

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This is quite interesting. I just asked my neurologist about the "tingling" which I have had clearly more recently - 3 months from my first iv steroids. I had one big lesion in the upper brainstem which caused dual vision, one-sided hearing loss, total numbness of the same side of the face, dizzyness and balance problems and initially also nausea - in addition to the incredible fatigue. Almost all these symptoms have reversed during the 3 months, but I have noticed increased tingling during the last weeks. Two weeks ago it was already quite alarming to me and I rested some more (I am working quite a hectic schedule) and it helped. Since I was very busy and my husband was travelling I had to skip my regular exercise schedule, which I related also to increased symptoms. So I took the extra time of doing a cardio workout and in addition to the rest, I think it really helped. But it might just be my mind that was really relieved from catching up with the missed exercise...

I had my initial official episode in end October-November and stated on OMS in beginning of December 2014. My 3mo scans couldn't confirm MS, the lesions were "healing" or "scarring" dependent on viewpoint. I mentioned the increased tingling to my neurologist and she thought it was perhaps also influenced by the location of the main lesion and related to this scarring process. What concerns me the most is the significance of tingling - if I get more tingling with more exercise, is it harmful? Should I hold back and do lighter exercises then?

I am in good condition physically and do various pilates/flow yoga and gym routines in addition to hydrobics and water running. I have kept water sports as a regular part of my exercise routine because I hate running and the water sports are less prone to exercise related trauma when adding significantly more exercise on shorter time period. I typically exercise 5-7 times per week taking at least one day off each week. Since I work a hectic schedule on weekdays I typically take time off on the weekend and can spend 1-1.5 hours in the gym and then do water-jogging with resistance cuffs for 30-45mins. I have been doing this level of exercise for over 2 months now and I don't get fatigue or muscle problems from exercise. But I do have more tingling...

Someone asked why some of us can't run, well, I just hate running, always have. Now with OMS, I am actually considering trying to acclimatise myself to running since it would be very convenient and quick... at least in the summertime. I even have easy access to a treadmill so maybe I can overcome my dislike for running with focusing on overcoming MS...

Can tingling be innocent? Or should one worry about it? I am not formally even diagnosed with MS, since I have just had the one severe episode and 3mo scans didn't show any new lesions... this suits me fine, would much appreciate if it really could remain so...

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