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Dear mates in illness,

is there anyone who knows how to get those stiff muscles smooth? When Walking (with a helper) I can't bend my left knee properly, which is Kind of necessary for Lifting the leg. Power would be ok, but my foot sticks to the ground. I'm desperate.

Thank you for helping

My right leg feels stiff and hurts sometimes. I bought a mat that fits in my chair at work that has an electric massager. It massages my thighs and back. (from Homedic. I ordered it on Target.com) I think that helps. Then I stretch and stretch and stretch. I think my leg is behaving better than yours but those are some things I am doing to make that leg feel better.
Yes i have the same and it is part of having foot drop. I discovered recently that my hamstrings were hardly firing at all so have been working really hard on them.

Lie on your tummy and one leg at a time bend your leg up from the knee and see if yours are working.
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Thank you Catgirl and Kashu,

it feels good to be looked after!
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