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Question/advice for anyone who has tremor in their upper limbs:
I have been getting increasingly bad tremor in my upper limbs this past few weeks, following an exacerbation/relapse, and was wondering if any one had any tips/exercises that could help. Eating is becoming a problem and I need 2 hands to steady a cup.
Would the opinion of a neuro specialising physiotherapist be of value?


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That would be my next step Sue, just wondered if anyone here had good solutions that work for them.
Slightly different I know, but I was recently diagnosed with 'periodic limb movement disorder' (my legs twitch in the night and I keep being knocked out of the part of the sleep cycle I am in, though I am not always aware of it).

The doctor has put me on a lower dose of one of the Parkinsons drugs, so it may be worth having a chat with the GP.

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