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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of muscle wasting and how to go about building them up again. Is this something that can be done successfully?

My MS is progressing in that over the past year I have had to start using 1 or two crutches. I have a very weak left leg and have also noticed some weakness in my left arm. I was shocked the other day when feeling my leg that, in comparison to my right leg, it felt like I had no muscle at all and it was very soft, particularly at the back of my thigh.

I can access the gym twice a week and I try and do daily stretches/yoga (adapted as needed as my balance is poor).

Any experience/advice appreciated!

Many thanks,
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
Hi Jen,

I can't advise on muscle wasting. It's actually something I think about and then go exercise.

My first advise is to consult a physical therapist; it's what they do. Imagine you were a stroke victim, you might have a PT guiding you on the walker.

Beyond that, I use weights at the gym. I started ever do small. Do an exercise that shows the weakness and then figure out some way of practicing that move 5 times, take a month or year to get to 6. Just keep doing it. I tried out many different ways before I feel into my routine. The important thing is to keep doing it.

I'm sure you can find some videos on YouTube as well.

Good luck

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I too have muscle wastage, I had it even when I was walking more or less normally.
I now use 2 crutches and my thighs are so skinny. The physio has me exercising lots. But If I don't exercise for a few days I lose what I have gained..It is scary how fast this happens and I don't know why.
Am I having too few calories ?? My diet is mostly potatoes and veg and bread. I have egg whites for protien and have just bought some hemp protien powdr.
There is protein in vegetables like your potato and even leaves, all to different densities. Legumes are very good and dense, as is quinoa.
Yes unfortunately unless you use muscle it wastes. The best type is weightbearing.
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Hi Jen,

I also have had quite severe muscle wasting on my left side. I exercised quite a lot, as much as I am capable of ,and eat very well. I had virtually no success in building muscle until recently when my doctor has helped me address very low hormone levels.
I am 53, and have has MS for 23 years. I now have a testosterone patch, and am able to build some muscle mass again. I also take Promensil for natural estrogen, Although, I think it is the increased Testosterone level that is making it possible to build muscle again.
Hope this is helpful,
Take care,
That's a good point Lisa; it's really good to have a doc consider the whole picture and it makes sense does't it?
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Have you looked into electical muscle stimulation? this moves the muscle when it cannot be moved voluntarily and they are pretty cheap machines to buy - terry wahls did a lot of this (she calls it EFS) when she was wheel-chair bound - certainly best done in consult with a physio.
Wow, thank you ever so much everyone for your replies :) I haven't visited the forum for a couple of weeks so I apologise for not reading them until now.

I hadn't thought about muscle stimulation, but I will look into it. I know that a place done the road from me offers 'toning tables' (where you basically lie downwhilst the work is done for you!), so I might have a go at that. Since I initially posted I have made a conscious effort to do a lot of weight bearing strength exercises, especially on my left leg, such as single legged squats (holding on) and using the machines at the gym, and I feel like the muscle is getting stronger. I will definitely look into hormone levels if I feel the progress slows. I am 36 years old, so hopefully that isn't too much of an issue at the moment. I have also started added vegan friendly protein powder to my daily smoothie and I feel better for having done that, I feel like it has increased my energy.

Thank you once again, I hope this thread has also been useful for other OMSers!
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
I have a walker but found it hard to want to get on and walk, until I put it in the den in front of the TV, I started out with 5 minutes, and now I can watch a full 30 minute show walking the full show.

It's also helped with my gait.

I wonder about stationary bikes too, for longer working out leg muscles.
Be well, live long and prosper!
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