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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I do wonder about taking the neuros up on the referral offer, but have been so disillusioned with their depressing and fatalistic attitude to my prognosis that it's really felt as though they just want to monitor my decline - and I've lost a lot of faith in them. To be honest I'm looking forward to the day when I can sack the whole lot of them as I feel they just make me feel worse and want to offer me patronising sympathy, medical interventions that I don't want, and no interventions that I do. Sorry - that turned into a rant - maybe it can't hurt to be referred. I think I'll ask if that team has a physio who specialises in MS with a positive outlook, as I think you're right, TigerT. I just haven't got time for professionals who I can tell have no hope that I'll improve as it affects me more than it should.

Rachel, yes it was quite painful and embarrassing in class, and alarming for the others, so I wonder if that's had a bigger impact on my motivation than I realised.. I like your outlook - I've just hoovered the house and am knackered so agree with you that that sort of thing counts.

Denise, good luck with it!!! I'm determined to do it now and if I can then you certainly can! Thanks for the strength and motivation - sending them right back to you as well!

Joe, I hope you can get back into it - wow, what a difference from just missing a few days! Sending good vibes and hoping things improve for you.

Right, plan is as follows:

Week 1: 40mins meditation, 15mins yoga, 5mins cross trainer, walk round the field after work.

Now it's written it will hopefully happen! I'm off on holiday next week and am planning on doing a lot of walking, so am hoping I come back fitter than I go.

Thanks all - there are options, and it's nice to know there's support, and other who understand, out there!

Jenny xx
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Jenny - do you have stairs at home? You could add a few step ups/step downs using the banister for balance at various times during the day. Also deep squats holding onto the bathroom sink when you brush your teeth.

Is getting a dog an option? Always want walks and good company.

Lots of little things really add up, and it's all about changing habits. I find that saying 'I'll try it for a month' is enough to create a habit - much less daunting than saying this is forever at the outset!

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Wendy is spot on about the little things adding up, and that's what my new physio based his program on - a few minutes here and there is far more achievable for me than a big "chunk" of something which I have absolutely no hope of accomplishing.

As far as the neuros' and other health professionals' attitudes are concerned - much as you would like to, you may not be able to "sack" them, but you can take the attitude that you will prove the b..st..ds wrong, and to be able to waltz into their offices to show them that you have done better than they expected would be most satisfying and extremely motivating! If you can't get a physio with specific expertise in MS or the positive attitude that you would like, then take the best you can, and make it work for you. I've found it's often not what we are told that is important, but what we do with it that counts. Like everybody, I have some success with this but also some miserable failures - unfortunately that is life. Set realistic goals - take baby steps because nothing is so un-motivating as setting yourself high goals in a burst of enthusiasm, but then crashing because they were unrealistic in the first place. Set up some trade-offs that you can use - e.g. on days when the weather is just too foul for a walk round the field, do another few minutes on the cross trainer instead.

And everybody needs to have a good rant from time to time - it is most cathartic :D

Hang in there. A ton of knowledge can be found at www.bodybuilding.com work out regimens including in instructional videos. Remember, the only bad work out is the one you didn't do.
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