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Hi all, I have recently joined a gym and have been advised to use the power vibration plate. It is great for building up muscle strength in a short time and I have found it great. However I was advised by the Tai Chi teacher- who has MS not to use it as it will cause spasms. However I don't get spasms so I think it may depend on the symptoms of MS you have. Does anyone else use it- it would be good to know your thoughts. Emma
I used to find it helped with feeling my feet better and it certainly didn't cause me any spasms. I say "used to", because after a hip replacement it's now off limits (could loosen the prosthesis!), but I always found it very good :D


I have one at home and use it every now and then with no problems. You've inspired me to get back on it today! :)
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Nice discussion. I was actually about to start one and was glad to see that the subject had already been raised!
We have an My5 power plate at home and my wife wanted to get rid of it. I thought I might be using it now that I have more time during the winter months.
So I shall give it a go starting this Sunday, combined with some cycling will be great.
I have vibro gym Just moved it and will use 5 or 10 mins. It certainly helps loosen up those muscles.
So here I am again! Well, I ve been on it during the past two weeks, 10 minutes every morning. Seems to be working good even though I broke every rule, using it bear footed and with the thin mat. I was stiff at the begining but this was due to the lack of excercise. Nervous system ok.
Just a general point, nothing to do with MS, if like me you have had retinal issues, it is not a good idea to use a power plate.
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