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Can anyone recommend balance exercises for someone who has absolutely NO balance? I do yoga but I am starting to find it difficult to hold warriors etc due to lack of balance. Tree poses or anything more difficult are completely beyond me!

Thanks for any advice :)
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
Go and do a couple of one on one sessions with a clinical pilates instructor. That will set you on a really good path.

Other option is a physio who specializes in neuro rehab.

I have gound in the long run spending extra $ and getting good quality instruction is the best policy.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Hi Jen,
I have similar problems. I had to skip the pose “candle/shoulderstand” (Sarvangasana) two years ago after tipping over and straining my neck and shoulder muscles in the fall. The pose “warrior” is very difficult for me, too. Also, the “tree” pose (Vrksasana) with the sole of one foot resting at the inner side of the other leg’s knee (or thigh) became too difficult for me (not to mention other, more advanced yoga poses).
Since the substantial deterioration of my balance about two years ago, I have been exercising my balance primarily with simplified variations of the “tree”, e. g. not resting the upheld foot against the other knee, but simply lifting it from the ground, thus training simple one-legged-stand. If this is also too difficult, you may try to put one toe or the entire forefoot back onto the floor while resting the heel against the ankle of the leg you are standing on.
I try to exercise standing on one leg several times per day in order to remind my body as often as I can of what I wish it to be able to perform. Over the past two years my balance has definitely improved. Whether this improvement is due to the training or to OMS slowly taking effect (OMS since spring 2013), I can’t say. Probably both. Recently, I started to try one-legged standing with eyes closed in order to train my vestibular system instead of using the compensation of the eyes in controlling my balance. This is incredibly more difficult. I can not even count to “three”, before I have to put the foot back to the ground. As yet, I haven’t seen any improvement in this, but I will continue. I am confident, that one day I will reap a benefit from this exercise.
I also find that the pose “balancing cat / ruddy goose / sunbird” (Cakravakasana) with one arm and the opposite leg in the air is challenging and therefore good training for my balance – without much risk of hurting myself. One day, when my balance will be much better than today, I will try the “candle/shoulderstand” again, but at the time being this seems to be too risky.
Personally, I think, it is a good strategy to take a step back from one’s performance limit and cut out those exercises, the failure at which puts you at risk of injury or frustrates you too much, and instead simplify, until you master the simpler exercises so well that you feel fit for increasing the challenge.
Wishing you success in adapting your yoga exercises!
I have found the nintendo wii balance board and wii fit plus game to be very useful for balance exercises. I found a full system for $30 usd on craigslist. Honestly, it has been more useful for me than physical therapy exercises.

Best of luck to you.
i was having trouble with my balance not sure it will ever be perfect but has improved a lot ,I've been using a TRX at my gym which I think has really helped me improve my balance. Been able to do one legged squats as you can hold on to the TRX you can get a good work out and still have support.
Thank you so much everybody, some really great ideas! Zoe, you sound exactly the same as me in regards to what you can and can't do, i will try and stick to an adapted tree pose and other yoga poses as you suggest. A referral has been made for me to see a specialist neuro physio and we have a wii, so I will look into the balance board.

I am also certain that with regular practise and OMS, I will improve :)
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
I too have the Wii board and the wii fit2 has lots of balance orientated games ranging in difficulty and can be done with a chair in front I find to be a catch for my balance.
Before my PP MS diagnoses 11th April this year, I had been following Peggy Cappy, Easy Yoga,The Secret to Strength & Balance ( Yoga for the rest of us. ) This video is geared more for us older persons and very much so for arthritis sufferers. I found this to be gentle movements that can be adapted and suitable for us MS sufferers as well.
Jackie.....diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with BrainStem disease.....11th April 2015..... at the ripe old age of 64........
Thank you Jackie and Veg :)
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
I have difficulty standing on one leg. I practice tree pose with some support, a hand, or on good days, a finger on the wall.

I like this: stand with your right foot in front of the left: the right heel touching the left toes.(the feet form a straight line). stay for a few deep breaths. then change sides. for an advanced practice you can try closing your eyes. don't try this without a chair or other support next to you.
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