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I've got a 2 min toothbrush spilt into 4x30second sessions. Perfect for practicing balance- 30 seconds each leg:-)
:) Hi, I have had the same issues on balance at yoga classes so now I hook up my PC to my TV and do yoga at home from Youtube. There are hundreds of Yoga videos from beginners to advanced, that way when I tip over or take three steps instead of the one, I'm alone and no one can see.


DX 10/05
I'm balance challenged and practice yoga too. Tried it many times and it never clicked until after my MS diagnosis. It's the reason, I believe, my balance is as good as it is. I'm a big fan of using the wall. Alight touch of the wall is the only way I do one legged poses. My favorite is half moon - a teacher moved me to the wall, and the ability to open was great without worrying about falling .

My balance and mobility have declined recently. To help I just started an 8 week Free from Falls program sponsored by the MS Society. Happy to share the balance exercises as I learn them. Also consulting with a physical therapist; as some others mentioned it's good to get professional advice. We each have some idiosyncratic issues that our individual to our MS.
That sound a great 8 week program, I look forward to reading how it goes.
Hi all

If you have problems with your balance during yoga practices it might have something to do with weak core muscles too.
Here is a 'test' you can try for yourself (you need a partner to help you to do this exercise) that might help you engage the muscles in your core during the yoga poses.

1. Stand upright with your feet about shoulder width apart your arms relaxed left and right of your body.
Your partner gently pushes against your shoulder.
Feel how that affects your sense of balance.

2. Now focus inward for a second. Place your hand on your tummy just below your belly button. Thats where your centre of gravity is.
Keep your focus on that centre and let your partner repeat that gentle push.
Feel how or if your sense of balance is different to the first time.

3. Again, standing up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart, this time clench the cheeks of your bottom together and pull you tummy in. make you you keep on breathing. Holding the tension in your muscles let your partner repeat the gentle push.
Feel how or if your sense of balance is different to the previous two tries.

If you noticed a difference in your balance you can use this core tension during yoga poses and might find it makes a big difference. Some core stability exercises might be a really good thing for you too.

All the best
Reporting back mid way through the Free From Falls class I mentioned. It's been quite helpful. Classes are part presentation, part exercises; including the opportunity to work with one of the PTs (the class is led by the Professor at the PT school, and a group of 3rd year students work with us) on specific exercises targeting my issue.. I only have hard copy of the exercises, but I found which are a subset - ]https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000493.html.

Additionally, I'm working with a PT and was fitting and wearing a BalanceWear vest. The PT tests where/which direction your balance is off and velcros weights in sife the vest; if fact this was a device discussed in the class. The results so far are great. Things as simple as standing with my feet together, and standing with my eyes shut and not swaying around until I almost fall. I danced at a wedding this weekend; the first time I've danced with MS. The great thing is the benefits carry over even after taking off the vest (it did not "go" with the dress I wore to the wedding). And the effects build over time. I'm walking further without my leg needing to stop. My goal is to be able to go on a decent hike again.

You can read more at ... (these videos are much more dramatic than what I described). The site also has some exercises.

Hey that sounds like great progress, keep it up and I look forward to your hiking news.

Me I am back to basic strengthening exercises I am working on my arms and chest which is in turn strengthening my back and hips.
Hey Veg

Thanks for posting that link. That's a great exercise. I would just advise anyone who is doing that particular exercise to actively engage their abdominals too. You do that by pulling your tummy in. Ensure you keep on breathing while you do that. That way you strengthen your core (and improve your balance) while working out your arms. It also prevents you from starting to arch your back which could have an adverse effect on your spinal column.
If anyone finds it difficult to keep their back straight (the woman in the video says sit nice and upright) in that position you might need to bend you legs a little bit. You can place a rolled up towel under your knees to do that. Alternatively you can also raise your pelvis off the floor a little bit by sitting on a (yoga) block or a folded towel.

All the best
Balance exercises in the swimming pool are very good and you don't have the inconvenience of falling over
I recommend finding a pilates instructor or physical therapist who can slowly build back your core strength and leg strength as well as balancing capabilities. I wish you all the very best.
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