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Hi there,

In my 23 years since diagnosis I have always walked as much as possible- usually 5-7 kms 3-5 x a week with some long walks 15km plus every few months with friends. Some days I walked better than others and walking poles were a great help on longer walks.
I credit this activity and some attention to my diet with my mobility 23 years down the track despite relapses along the way.
But I am currently experiencing my worst relapse ever. I have difficulty moving my left leg well at all. Saw a physio yesterday who said I have problems with hip flexor muscles ( can't step up) and drop foot. She has given me a splint for foot drop and I am using one crutch.
MRI showed new and active brain lesions but not much on my cord although the neuro said my symptoms are from my cord...
The physio gave me exercises to prevent too much muscle wasting and prevent stiffness etc. she did suggest that I use two crutches and go for walks for exercise. Not sure How far I would get right now but I like the idea of it.
By her own admission the physio said she did not know much about MS and I am wondering if trying to exercise now would be beneficial or not???
I start methylpred today and my neuro has asked me to think about Lemantra. I have been on Fingolimod (gilenya) for 8.5 years.
Thanks for your thoughts. I would also like to hear from people who have recovered from this kind of relapse- my left foot currents acts and feels like it belongs to somebody else!!
Hi Debpom

I suffered a relapse 3 years ago that affected my mobility. I have come through the relapse, but now require 2 crutches to walk and I can't walk very far. I have ups and downs, as is the nature of RRMS, but I do find that, by exercising, I improve my gait.

I would say that you would benefit from seeing a physio who understands MS. Gentle Pilates/Yoga exercises are fine for me on 'bad days', and I aim to walk as much as possible on my good days (plus Pilates/Yoga). I am also intending to join a gym and try and make use of the exercise bikes, which I found to be a great help when I had originally relapsed.

Like you, my hips are the issue and this affects my knees and ankles (foot drop). I have never used a splint - I find that exercising my hips alleviates the foot drop.

I hope this is of some help?

Thanks Rachel. I have finished the IV steroids and am already getting some improvement........ Have also found a great physio with MS knowledge. Good luck with the gym x
A friend of mine which is the better thriathlete in the world with msDiego Velazquez Rodriguez told me the last year that you have to wait almost two weeks after the steroids cycle to start sport again.
I'm waiting till Monday to start again my training for the marathon in Feb cause I ended the cycle the last week....
Hope it helps...
Hi All

I'm a bit late to this conversation but I just thought to throw in a little bit more info/food for thought on this one.

I think splints might have a place as a temporary support to keep you moving but if you do go for the splint be sure to get a tone of exercises to work the muscles independently so that they don't waste away from lack of stimulation while in the splint.

And regarding exercising during a relapse and while on steroids, steroids take quite a tole on the body and while you might feel great, those heightened energy levels are drug induced. So I caution you to do too much. The body is working really hard while on steroids and it does need rest and recovery also in the first couple of weeks after the treatment has finished. Though it might be hard to judge what's an acceptable amount of activity/exercise a little bit might be all you need, enough to make you feel good. Gentle exercises are recommended even if you are undergoing treatment.

Be well!

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