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Here's an interesting article about the immunosuppressive effects of exercise, particularly intensive exercise...

http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle ... ke-you-ill

Thank you for sharing!!! :P
So would that then mean that intensive exercise is good for MS??
Thank you, very interesting read :D
Thanks, an interesting read!

Rainbow whizz - I think this means that whilst moderate to intensive excercise is anti-inflammatory and very beneficial for people with MS (and the definition of moderate depends on one's baseline varying from walking to running fast), taking this to extreme like the intensive training of elite athletes can bring one susceptible to common infections. This is not related to MS, but happens also in healthy athletes. So vigorous excercise is good but enough is enough?

I have always profoundly hated running. Also because I have always been really lousy at it, poor aerobic fitness. After falling ill with MS in 2014 I took up more excercise and included also aerobic excercise with gradually building up with water jogging to swimming, walking with the dog, bodycombat etc. A bit over a month ago I just decided to start running on the treadmill. I had overcome my limits with swimming (never been a good swimmer either) and realised I could do it with running as well. I have really been surprised on how well it just got going - now I can run over 30min without problems - and the positive effects with my MS symptoms have been very clear! It really is amazing! Of course I also believe in this and that brings positive effects etc, but personally I have no doubts. I am currently not on any DMT since my short episode with Aubagio was ended after my liver values elevated and I should start Copaxone in a few weeks. I have had balance and vision problems, numbness and tinnitus etc and these really clearly have reacted positively to running. I also do other excercise 5-6 times a week and my advice to all of you just beginning is to start gradually doing various things every day - I take one day off every week to recover, but then I can do two excercises on one day e.g. running /swimming and pilates.

Just to let all of you newly diagnosed and overwhelmed know this - if I can do this, then you also should try! We can do this! Don't give up! I read all these stories about people running and thought it was just this "marathon-club" we all know, but really not. Build up your aerobic strength and try it out!
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