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I don't know if this product is available in Australia, but it's changed my life. I'm in the U.S. About 4 months ago I got a Bioness L300 for foot drop. It's a cuff worn around the upper calf, which triggers an electrical stimulation of the tibial nerve. There's a strike plate worn in the shoe to trigger stimulation in synch with your gate that lifts the front of the foot. The shock takes a bit of getting used to, but I've extended by walk to a half mile, whereas before, I was challenged to go one block. Costs $7200 USD, but my insurance picked up the cost. My neuro says it either works great, or not at all for her patients. Lucky for me, I'm one of the ones for whom it works great. Wish I'd heard about it sooner.
I have one from Odstock Medical in Sailsbury, UK. The basic version is about £700. It is not funded by the NHS (in my area anyway) but I managed to find a charity to fund it. It has made all the difference between me walking short distances and being in a chair.
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