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I was diagnosed with rrms 5 months ago and was going to the gym regularly before then and continued through my most recent relapse. I found it helped me even when I felt really ill.

I recently saw an exercise physiologist to help tailor an exercise program to keep me strong and fit. I found it has been too easy. She's trying to not let me get too fatigued but I find exercise gives me energy, as long as I don't push too hard.

How do I politely tell her I need a more rigorous routine? She says she is well informed about ms but I'm not so sure.

Thanks. LB.
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If your exercise physiologist is easy to get along with, I would start by talking to her about making your workout more difficult and that you will assume any fallout if the harder workout has any drawbacks. If she refuses, then you may have to step-up the workout yourself and then report to her that you did more and feel fine. Seeing is believing. She may know someone with MS who can't do a rigorous workout and applies that to you.

Might need to find another exercise physiologist if she won't challenge you. Sounds as if you are doing a great job with exercise! Keep going!
Communicate with her, give her a detailed list of what you used to do, what you are till capable of doing, etc.

Let her know you are being mindful, and you are listening at all times to your body needs, both the need for a harder program, and that you take care to monitor how you are feeling both while you exercise and in the afterglow or aftermath, whichever comes first!

As Catgirl says, if you are getting along with her, talk to her and work with her as she works with you, if she's not worth getting along with ask for more strenuous exercise physiologist, that she could recommend!
Be well, live long and prosper!
Print off results from the HOLISM study and give to the exercise physiologist to read!

https://overcomingms.org/news-research/ ... e-fatigue/
https://overcomingms.org/news-research/ ... es-health/

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