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21 - 60 minutes a day with 7 - 20 minutes of that time at "vigorous" levels, I can't get out of bed, or off the couch enough to call it "vigorous", even when it is! :roll:
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My vigurous exercise uses my arms only gets the heartbeat right up.
Saw my Neuro Physio for the first time last week and he wants me to really ramp up the exercise. 10,000 steps a day as a base plus resistance work/extra steps/swimming every day. I'm managing 10,000 steps, but haven't managed to ramp it up with the extras.

He's convinced that there is no risk of causing a relapse and, if I push against the fatigue, in time the fatigue will kick in later. Problem is that when the fatigue kicks in my balance goes. I am finding that I can get a bit further day by day without getting fatigue though, so it seems to be working.

He's also a big fan of OMS and (strangely for a physio) told me to make sure I keep up with the mindful side. He also told me to book a snowboard trip next Winter because I WILL be capable of it by then.
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I can deffinately vouch for find your pace do that for a while then up it slightly you will feel that you have asked for more keep doing the new amount. When that becomes your new steady level up it a little again.
Personal experience is exercise every day, my energy goes on exercise first. But don't push too far when upping it the recovery I find knocks me back and I want to aim for steady improvements that I can sustain not peaks and troughs.
The balance games on wii fit plus are good.
Also have a nobly rubber cushion to balance on. That is very hard, many years ago I could have stood on it eyes shut, lol.
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