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Hi all

I have had mobility issues for the past 3 years (I need to use two crutches to walk, and can't walk any great distance). I have been trying various types of exercise since my mobility failed, and I think I have found something that will really help me.

My main problem is weakness in the hips. After my initial relapse, my physio set me some Pilates-type exercises, and I also used a static bike at the hospital which I found to be beneficial. I had thought I would get an exercise bike to use at home, but, having tried a few at the local gym, I realised that not all bikes are the same! Some worked my legs in a different way, and some I struggled to climb on to at all.

After trawling the internet, I found this mini-stepper: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sports-MAXOfit- ... ni+stepper

I have been using it for about a week now, and am already feeling the benefit. Usually I struggle to stand upright without my crutches, but the handle on this stepper means that I can stand upright, and keep my legs in a 'normal' alignment whilst exercising. It's also small enough to have in my flat, and relatively easy to move. Also, not a bad price! I can really recommend it for anyone looking to strengthen their leg muscles who has issues with mobility.

I am already noticing that I am walking in a more upright fashion, even when I am indoors on just the one crutch.

Hope someone else may find this useful.

Really pleased to read this.
I've found the biggest gain with exercising is not that you do the odd long go but that you do it very regularly, I try to use my treadmill every day and am slowly building the length of time up.
Hope you continue to find strength increases as you carry on using it.
I have put the machine in my living room, so I can easily hop on it if I am watching something on the TV - no excuse not to do it!
Wow wonderfull Rachel, i would call this empowerment !
HI For 8 years whenever i have to have a stress-test for my heart---I use a stationary bicycle. It makes the rehaB personel and my cardiologist really strained but-i don't care...I fly on a bicycle ( My legs literally melt and i fall off a walking treadmill)
.I am going to check up your link for this standard bike. I like that it is petite, Mine is as big as a spaceship -i keep it outside in the summer till it snows.
I am currently do exercises to strengthen my core muscles---it is the key to a lot.
Hi Ziva - mine is not a bike; it's a stepper. I find it as easy as the bike though.
Yes ....I saw the stepper--its looks good......I am able to do exercises with Jessica Smith trainer on You Tube. It gets the job done...4 days a week and i stretch all the time.....But the best ever to make me feel like a million is diving into water all summer long.
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