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Do any of you experience similar fluctuations? I'm usually at my best in the late evenings - and then the next morning I sometimes feel I've lost it all again. An example from yesterday: my husband and I were invited to a wedding where we stayed the night at the hotel where the reception was held. It was an enjoyable if strenuous day for me and I was a bit worried about sleeping in a strange bed, partly because I sometimes have trouble getting out of bed to go to the loo. Anyway by the end of the evening I was walking better than I had been for several days. When we reached or room I was somewhat disconcerted to discover a step upwards into the bathrom and wondered how I would cope in the night. However when nature called four hours later, I not only got out of bed very easily but also took the step in my stride - without thinking with my weaker leg! Then - another three hours - later things had ground to a halt again. Getting up was more difficult and no way would my weaker leg do that step!! Does anyone have an explanation for things like this? Actually as long as I keep having these good moments I feel encouraged, but it's difficult to understand what's going on! Anyone have any thoughts?
Strangely enough, after working nightshifts, i find my balance issues to be much reduced. One morning i could read small prints without my glasses, +2.25. After a good sleep it turned back to normal, but it makes you wonder....
Hi Mars

Yes, I experience fluctuations all the time, and I can't find a rational explanation! I wonder if it is because of things we do without really noticing? For example, we sit on a chair that is slightly too hard or too soft, or lie in bed in a way that, isn't particularly good for us. I also think that subtle changes in temperature may have something to do with it. Like West, I often find that if I have been particularly active at work, by the time I get home my balance/mobility is greatly improved. Then I have a restful day off and my legs grind to a halt.

My physio once said that the fact that our bodies can sometimes do certain things is proof that we haven't completely lost that function, so look on these things positively!

I'm very stiff mornings. I'm sure it's a combination of age, MS and exercise (activity) the night before.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
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