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I had my first symptoms of MS 1o years ago, even though I was not diagnosed at the moment. At 30, just 6 months after my 1st child was born after night sleep my right arm fingers went numb as well as half of the face. My husband is doctor and I was taken directly to hospital. Micro stroke was diagnosed. 1 month after this I went for a bike ride (I was very active in sports all the time) – after 2h ride in a sun I got off a bike and instantly was paralysed on the right side – numb leg, hand, double vision, speech. Still no diagnosis of MS as MRI showed 1 big sign and 2 very small. Again diagnosis -stroke. I did not get any treatment, recovered myself, changed diet, went to serious yoga classes. After 1 year I was perfectly fine, started to return to semi –professional sports (MTB), did MRI test – the large hole in my head was closing up, others disappeared. Stopped worrying, got pregnant with 2nd child – no relapses, all the time was on diet (no gluten, no diary, no eggs, no meat (except game meat occasionally). As no symptoms were evident, I thought that this period was over, returned to normal healthy diet, sometimes including grains, milk etc.) Participated in national and international MTB competitions, was in national team till last year - life was perfect. Just 3 weeks ago something went wrong with my left eye. I instantly new, this was neuro problem. Started to see dark spots, lost a bit of vision (from 1 to 0,5), did MRI – found 36 holes in my head. Now diagnosis is clear for doctors and myself. Panicked for 1 week, then thought – I did it already once with yoga, diet, meditation, homeopathy, etc. I will do it again. Refused traditional treatment, put my signatures on the decision – doctors were looking at me as if I have lost my mind.
I took this 3 day steroids treatment – finishing the last injection today, still the vision not 100% back – I see 0,75, but I am very eager to start moving and doing sports, as otherwise I feel perfectly fine and full of energy. Even those 2 days on steroids did not have any influence. Any experiences as of when to start training? Wait until all the signs of relapse are over? What about semi professional training with MS – as apparently for the last 8 years it did not influence my condition ( during this period I was on training camps, multiday competitions, 8 hour long marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro etc.) – doctors say that I cant be 100% sure as I did not do any tests in between…But maybe they are overly cautious?

Any suggestions about training loads and timing after relapse?
Ok tried badminton today - sometimes I do it instead of bike training...shit.. After 40 min I just left- the sight is not clear, I was afraid to move and the balane/reaction is not right. Nobody noticed but I felt so bad, as if learning the game from a b c, I have to wait until all symptoms fade away in order to enjoy it...
Body heat can make a lot of the symptoms more prominent, so you might want to take it a little slower, I want to say it's just a game, but as you've been an athlete on a high functioning level, it's probably difficult for your competitive spirit to treat it as just a game.

I can play a few games of table tennis with my boys, but if I play more than 4 or 5 straight without a break, then I feel totally worn out, but I've played 20 games in a day, playing 3 or 4 taking a 30 - 45 minute break, then another 3 or 4 games, and another break, etc.

Listen to your body, if you are worn out after 45 minutes, next time, play for 30, and see how you feel after doing that for a week or two, better to increase it a little at a time, and be able to continue the next day, rather than over doing it on one day and not feeling up to even walking the next.
Be well, live long and prosper!
^ very much agree. You want to avoid peaks and troughs and the troughs can be hard for what a brief peak. Pace what you are doing and slowly increase the time and listen to how you feel. It is not that you wont be able to do what you did but you can't just do it you'll need to build up to what you can do.
Sorry to read about the whammy but you have recognised the changes that had occured in this case what you had fallen back into eating.
There are several key elements to OMS, please don't overlook meditation and vitamin d.
Today I was competing. Did not train much last 4 weeks but this was important competition for a club and I decided to give it a try. 1h13min in a competition average hr 166, maximum 180. Feeling perfect, don't know how the holes in my brain do, but I feel totally ok. Woohoo, hope everything is going to be fine:)
Just after relapse I could not play badminton due to sight/balance problems. The things improved in 4 weeks (instead of normal training I was having easy ones just trying to ride hands off the wheel where it was possible and train my balance) still the feeling is not 100% back, in everyday life it's not noticeable but today I crashed on quite easy downhill section - happily just with some bluemarks on legs and palms. Have to concentrate more on improvement...
So after 6 months with diagnosis I did 6 hour MTB marathon on snow/ice and tough conditions.! And I did it! And our team won! And no problem! Now I believe that this diet works and I am going to be fine! Next check up in 2 months but the one 2 months ago already showed positive tendency! :D
Hey great news.
Re reading everything I don't see vitamin d mentioned, how is your level?
136 as for today
Assuming not a us reading then whilst ok it is not high enough really, have a read of the vitamin d faq area for more information.
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