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Cerebral Microbleeds

It's also covered by a news story on this site:
https://overcomingms.org/a-single-drop- ... ink-in-ms/

I think that this situation is something I have inadvertantly caused to myself. What I'm wondering is, if there are tiny blood vessels damaged and leaking into the brain causing an adverse immune reaction, wouldn't the vigourous exercise part of the oms lifestyle simply antagonise these?

Seeing as they are so small and you get the blood pumping so hard whilst exercising, wouldn't that increase the likelihood of them bleeding more if they're already damaged? Thoughts? It makes me apprehensive about this part of the program if we're inadvertantly making it worse. Can these be repaired? If so, how?

Or could the issue be that is there is simply a break in the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) as described in the OMS news story, allowing immune cells access into the brain, triggering the auto immune reaction? In which case, would the physical exercise part of OMS still be ok to do?
See here for a better explanation: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6819&start=10#p44319

Or, for the whole background, read here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6819

I hope this information is useful to someone, if you have any further information or an opinion regarding this please feel free to comment.
Updated with further information:-

https://www.buffalo.edu/ubnow/stories/2 ... leeds.html
What level of exercise intensity are you doing?
veg wrote: What level of exercise intensity are you doing?

I try to go swimming most days if I can, I do about 16-20 lengths.
That great
Didn't sound like you are doing extreme physical exertion.
No it's not that much. I'm even cutting that back a bit because I still don't know if doing this will cause a bleed to leak more, due to the elevated blood pressure?
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