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So I have just started the OMS way of life again.

I should have been doing it religiously and I wouldnt have ended up in this mess.

I have foot drop and also weak legs at the moment. It has been getting worse for 2-3 weeks now.

I have been under tremendous stress with my family and also changed jobs which I think caused my body to crash - bad diet plus stress.

Now I am walking around like I am 90 and losing my balance with every step I take and running into corners.

My legs feel like they are going to buckle underneath me.

What exercise could I do to help this? I cannot tell you how scared I am and am following the protocol religiously.

Has anyone had weak legs or heavy numb legs and they have gotten better?

Love and light

Hi Sophie

Yes! I was diagnosed a couple of months ago and at that time I was numb from the waist down. My legs were incredibly heavy, weak and almost completely numb. Walking was very difficult and I was unsteady on my feel. My mother told me that I was walking like a duck! However, I kept walking. I agree it is seriously scary, but I found OMS and took on the diet principals and have tried to walk for at least half an hour each day. Gradually, imperceptibly, the feeling began to come back. My legs are not back to normal, but they are so much better and the heavy feeling in particular has gone. I still experience stiffness around the ankles and knees and some numbness, particularly my feet - at times. The remaining symptoms come and go - but I am improved to the extent that I have begun to drive again and feel that my lower body belongs to me. I do think that the walking (or exercise of your choice) was key for me and the diet has made me feel like a new person into the bargain. I do try to meditate with varying degrees of success - but will keep trying with this as at times I find it very helpful.

I am very new to all of this and I am sure that others with more experience will advise you - but as far as the OMS program goes - I think that it is a lifestyle change. For life. Sounds as though you have been through a particularly stressful period, much like one I went through before my diagnosis and it is hard to maintain diet etc during these times. But from what you say you are getting back on track - so just keep doing what you are doing.

Stay strong and be well.

Morning I often get very weak heavy legs I do exercise so I know my legs are strong but they still feel like wobbly concrete. Stress and over doing it I find is a big cause, I get very stiff muscles which really doesn't help sports massage and foam roller help release muscles.
hope you feel better soon and getting back to filling your body with good food will help. Meditation helps to calm the body this is something I really need to practise.
Hi Sophie

The post title reminds me what me legs used to feel like. I eat a vegan diet, plenty of flax oil and lots of turmeric. I walk, cycle, stretch and train with weights. This morning I did a deadlift PB of 130kg x 5 repetitions. I visualise my smooth healthy myelin transmitting those signals to my muscles. Stick to the diet and lift weights, however limited your ability to begin with. Healing takes decades, I'm in my third since my first symptoms. Good luck and stay strong!
Vitamin d level make sure it has not sagged.
Craig Hassed has a mediation course starting soon on future learn online it is free I suggest taking a look and join in.
Past is past, look forward and walk a new committed path.
Stay strong be well.
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