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I started going to the gym after I drop my son off at school in the morning and although I have to keep a fan on so as not to overheat, I have finally got to the point where I am able to exercise hard enough to start to sweat! After a month of treadmill, eliptical, and weight machines, I can't say that I really feel much stronger, but at least I am maintaining and not losing ground. At first I tried to do too much and was basically useless the rest of the day but have learned to pace myself. I was amazed at how weak I have become. I got used to doing the sames things day after day and didn't notice until I tried something new.
It is sad when I think that I was once able to run 8 miles. With the foot drop and brace I don't think I could run again, afraid to after falling and breaking wrist. I never really enjoyed it that much...but still...
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Congratulations on putting the umph together to get back in the gym.

Better to work up to building stamina and then some strength over a longer time, than burn out your enthusiasm before you get some great benefits.

One of the things I have found is the peace and meditation that sometimes comes with exercise, the more I do,the quicker I can get in the groove, then the time passes faster, and although it can leave me a trembling wreck, if I overdo it too much, more often than not, I've paced my distances about right, and I can still function the rest of the day.
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You have started a great work. The major secret to stay happy and healthy is to take regular exercises along with a healthy diet. My brother realized this very late after he suffered from a health problem. But now he has taken up a programme sportif program to keep himself fit and healthy. I suggest you to continue exercises to live a healthy life.
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