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Read this interesting study....

Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients may improve cognition with regular walking, cycling, and yoga, according to research. The study found that increasing exercise and physical activity can help multiple sclerosis patients improve cognition. Cognitive problems are common among multiple sclerosis patients as the report explained, “Cognitive dysfunction in MS is associated with negative health consequences, including depression, reductions in quality of life, and loss of independence, as well as the loss of driving ability.”

Exercise is known to improve brain function and may help increase protection of the central nervous system cells. To date, there have only been three studies that looked at the beneficial effects of exercise on cognitive function in multiple sclerosis.

For the study, researchers looked at three different kinds of exercise and physical activity in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis who did not have identified problems with mental processing speed. The exercises consisted of 20 minutes of moderate intensity treadmill walking, moderate intensity cycling, and guided yoga.

Results in the exercising groups were compared to results in the quiet rest group with no exercise.

All three exercises were shown to have positive effects on cognitive function with treadmill walking showing the greatest benefits.

The researchers concluded, “The present results support treadmill walking as the modality of exercise that might exert the largest beneficial effects on executive control in persons with relapsing-remitting MS without impaired cognitive processing speed. This represents an exciting starting point for delineating the appropriate exercise stimulus (i.e., modality and intensity) for inclusion in a subsequent longitudinal exercise training intervention for improving cognitive performance in this population.”

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Exercise stimulates brain regeneration, if you want to learn then exercise as well. We need more PE in schools too much sitting on behind going on.
It's great that moderate exercise is enough.
No brainer for me, I suffered brain fog for years before I was diagnosed. I remember my principal used to always say when your feeling down - just go outside and get your heart rate up, oxygen to the brain is key. Not to mention when the hearts beating faster and healthier blood is pumped under more pressure, it's getting to the ends of your bodies blood vessels, especially the brain.

I still play Basketball and Soccer, they make me happy, they make me feel good. I highly recommend any form of physical exertion, whatever your capable of!

Keep swinging! :) :)
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