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Wondering if anyone who has done any type of e-stim therapy would share what was your experience like and results achieved. Thanks.
MS Diagnosis 2014
Copaxone, OMS, 2015
I have been using a WalkAide for about two months now. It is a wearable TENS unit that treats my drop foot. It works by sending electric stimulation into the nerves that activate the flexor muscles in my right foot every time I bend my right knee. This way my foot clears and I make a proper heel strike whenever I step my right foot forward. I use it instead of my cane or my AFO. While an AFO can lead to muscle atrophy, the WalkAide actually allows my muscles to function normally, so they are built back up. In the two months I have been using it I have reversed muscle wasting and rebuilt strength. I also walk a faster and farther when I wear it.
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