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Tried doing some yard work today and it made me realize how weak I still am. Doing something outside of the daily norm was a real eye opener. What a difference between using an eliptical or treadmill with handles at the gym vs standing/walking on ones own having to maintain balance. Was a little discouraging and scary.
Hoping to hear from others with ms weakness that oms has helped.
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You ask has OMS helped, but doing nothing gets you no nearer going forward so doing something opens up opportunity to be better then you would have been. It can take time for some to see and feel change, do all that you can and take each day a step forward. Check you are doing everything you can be it vitamin d level to meditation etc.
OMS has helped me tremendously since being floored by a severe relapse 4 years ago. It is important to remember that OMS is not a quick-fix solution. It takes time. I know how disheartening it can be to find that your body has become too weak to do what it used to do, but exercise is VERY important. Even some gentle Pilates, or Yoga, or light weights will help you to slowly build/maintain strength. Be prepared for peaks and troughs; some days may be better than others.

I have seen improvement in other areas, just not with weakness and gait.
And to be fair, I admit that I rarely do the meditation, even though I believe it is an important part of oms...
MS Diagnosis 2014
Copaxone, OMS, 2015
What sort of exercise are you doing? Try and focus on the weakness/gait issues - working hips and core muscles helps me.
Hi llo51, don't be discouraged, I believe you need to do both types of exercise. By 'yard work' do you mean gardening?

The gym machines are good for working out your leg and arm muscles and for cardio fitness, you can do much more when you don't have to worry about your balance, but they only exercise a limited range of movement. It's also good to do things like gardening, housework, house maintenance, etc, where you're using ALL your muscles together, and doing a much wider range of movements.

You do need to keep your core muscles strong for your balance. Is there a balance board at your gym you can practice on?

This is where a good neurophysiotherapist can help as they can give you exercises at the right level for you, to target the specific areas that have become weak.
Hello. Thank you both for pointing that out, I see that I have only been working the same muscles over and over and not working on balance at all. Arms and legs have strengthened but my core is very weak, and I never seem to "exercise" abs as it hurts my back.
I will slow down on the treadmill so I don't have to hold on, I think that would be of more benefit, balance rather than speed. I have also started walking sideways and backwards (holding on) on treadmill to work different muscles, it's much harder.
I wish we had a garden, we have a huge yard and have cut many trees over the last two years to allow for more sun, so maybe next summer will try to grow a few things.
By yard work I meant stacking some wood and putting things away for winter. Four inches of snow yesterday, more expected today. I enjoy shoveling as I have something to hold for balance.
MS Diagnosis 2014
Copaxone, OMS, 2015
Hi again

Have a look at some Pilates/Yoga moves to work your core. They should be more gentle on your back than, say, trying to do sit-ups to work your abs. I am currently working with a PT who has pointed out that gentle, seated arm exercises using light weights also help to work your core.
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