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Can anyone suggest or help with knowing what exercises can be done while in a wheelchair? I don't have very good use of arms either, muscles are weak, but want to do what I can. Anyone?
Hi Elaine

I recently bought this DVD: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Conditions-Spa ... oga+for+ms

It is specifically designed for people with MS, including those with limited mobility. Maybe it would be useful for you?

You can check the amazon one.
Hi again

I have just started working with a personal trainer and she has given me some simple seated exercises to do using light hand weights. As well as working the arms and shoulders, they also work the back and core muscles and I am finding them really beneficial.

I use 2kg hand weights - easily available on sites like Amazon (alternatively, a couple of tins of beans from your cupboard, though these won't be as heavy!)

Exercises include (in a seated position):

1) Raising and lowering the arms in a wide circle, from your hips, out to the side and meeting above your head x10
2) Rising and lowering the weights from your hips, in a straight line in front of you, to shoulder height x10
3) Starting with your weights in front of your shoulders (close to your body) and raising them to meet above your head x10

I usually do these exercises one after the other (10 reps of each, with a short breather in between) for 3 repetitions (so exercise 1 for 10 reps, exercise 2 for 10 reps, exercise 3 for 10 reps, then repeat the sequence twice more).

Remember to sit as straight as you are able and engage your core muscles for maximum benefit.

Hope these are useful
Shibashi! It's a gentle Tai Chi/Qi Gong method that works very well seated. If you search for "Shibashi seated" on YouTube, a number of videos come up that show the entire practice done in a chair.

It's a good workout without being exhausting, and is easily tailored to any level, even if you can only do a few moves to start.
First symptom 2006
Diagnosed Dec. 2016
OMS Jan. 2017

I use the MS gym on facebook. It is free or you can become a member to get exercises in one place instead of searching for them.

There is a download Core Strength program

Also search th group for the video Chair Core Strenght Full Circuit

He also has sections on releasing spactsity
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