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Dear all
can somebody tell me if, in addition to the program, you are having massage sessions (mainly for blood circulation)?
If you find it beneficial then why not. Massage can be very relaxing.
I have a 2 hr massage 1x month and have for years. Especially when I had relapses which I haven't had for along time.

I consider it essential treatment.
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thanks a lot, grateful
I do acupuncture a couple of times a month and for me it's even more relaxing than a massage (not a big fan of being touched by strangers). I don't know where I would be without those needles taking care of some aches and pains.
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Hi there,
Yes. massage therapy do helps in proving blood circulation. My dad is taking massage session daily to improve his blood circulation. And you know what's the interesting point, he takes the massage in his own home through a walk in bathtub which provides hydrotherapy massage for health benefits. We came to know about the tub through our neighbor, while searching for the details about massage session. They told us about the benefits of installing the walk in bathtub, its a one in lifetime investment and you can get benefits of inbuilt therapy system from the tub. To avoid going to the sessions outside, we have consulted Walk in bathtubs Scottsdale and got a tub installed in our own bathroom. Results after using the massage therapy are really positive.
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