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There is a Dutchman named Wim Hof who holds many world records for being able to withstand incredible cold. He claims that his breathing, exercise, and cold exposure techniques enable him to influence his immune system for better health.

His claims were verified in a university study. See the Youtube video below.


Apparently, this has positive implications for people with autoimmune conditions like MS. Here is another Youtube video about a woman who is treating her MS through the Wim Hof method. She regained her health and doesn't need medications.


Best of all, the basic instructions for the method are availabe online for free. See the link below.

http://highexistence.com/the-wim-hof-me ... ne-system/
Thanks for sharing... I knew nothing about that. At first impression I'm a little skeptical, but it's just my gut feeling. Anyway I'm curious and I would like to look into it... can you recommend text or other sources more "scientific" and evidence based? Please in English... thanks again and absolutely open to your comments
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