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Hi all, I keep as active as I can most of the time. Of course I rest when I meditate but I find I am so hard on myself if I just want to sit for a while. The voices in my head start saying "your waisting away" "sitting is the new smoking" etc....
I mean really? Will I start to deteriorate if I sit and watch a 1/2hr of Home and away or a Renovation show?
I feel sometimes i never at rest because when I'm not exercising I am concentrating on beneficial meals to support my exercise?
Does anyone else feel like this?

1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.
YES! I feel like this too. I feel really guilty if I sit on my bum for more than 10 mins. Maybe it has to do with having MS... just keep moving.

And I've just started running... :)
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
OMS Retreat May 2016
I felt the same way because I would get lost in books or binge watch a series. We bought a treadmill with a shelf for a book, and I can see the TV. I love it much more than I thought I would.
LOL @ sitting is the new smoking!
I also feel the same

After I had my bad relapse a year and a half ago I walked every day and physically I was a mess. About 4 months ago I decided to stop pushing myself because it was not working. I decided to listen to my body and slowly I am feeling better. I now feel like I can start walking again. I feel now that the programme works if you stick to it and listen to your body.Healing myself from the inside out has made it possible for me to think about walking again as I have used my energy the past few months on eating well and resting.I was not doing myself any favours by pushing myself. Taking it easy and practicing self care has offered improvement. I am a little scared about walking again but have to admit I do feel better.

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