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I am 60 years old. Last May my right arm went dead; after a neck MRI they diagnosed spinal arthritis so neck surgery was done in July. Slow recuperation until October when my left arm went dead - I am positive this was also neck problems so I approached my surgeon. He was suspicious watching me walk so an appointment was set up with a Neurologist. A spinal tap followed by a brain MRI resulted in proven PPMS.

The spinal arthritis exercises said to push my limits to gain strength; yet I was unable to follow basic rehabilitation exercises - the MS diagnosis might explain the challenge. Started swimming & hot tub exercises very recently - my hand grip gave way yesterday as I was getting out of the hot tub & I suspect two of my fingers are now jammed quite nicely; my knuckles are swollen.

Before anyone suggests the problem of MS overheating I should mention my body weight is low; ranked as average of the lowest ranking countries on Planet Earth - my weight is normal for starving countries in Africa. The result is that I do not retain body heat & have always wore "long johns" more than 10 months of the year - a breeze when it is 25 degrees celsius (80 degrees F) is cold; I need to put on a coat.

Ironically I sleep with an bag of rice under my neck nightly - the bags come from the freezer; my neck cracks after it cools down & relaxes. They get replaced every few hours.

The good news is that I have a strong network of friends & family; my wife is absolutely impressive. I am not depressed - this is just another challenge on my road of life; another speed bump. Snow is almost gone & weather will be above freezing so outdoor walking is in the plans - I need to do this to get in shape so I can play Slo-Pitch this summer.

Given the above information - what am I suppose to do?
Grab the OMS program with both hands just remember good food is less calorie dense so make sure to eat plenty, exercise, meditate and vitamin d and any medication you might be on. I've always felt the cold too but if I keep my torso warm that helps a lot, love my water bottle very effective.
Yes I agree with Veg get on the OMS lifestyle, I had problems with my hands and hip joints which I had just accepted was the early stages of arthritic joints from many years of ball sports plus family history. I remember saying to wife "I think all these fish oil tablets must be lubricating my joints?". I can't remember when my swollen joints and hip pain went away because they just became a none issue.
A pleasant extra benefit I have gained from this lifestyle.
I have a low (but healthy) body weight, I just enjoy eating extra serves of the healthy foods I have been eating in my 6 years on OMS.

All the best
1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.
As I mentioned, my wife is a Sweetheart. She is on the blender every morning; I get a glass of veggies plus a large fruit smoothie every day. My food intake is so extreme I eat almost nothing I dined on for the past 60 years. I get 1,000 mg of Vitamin D and 1,000 mg of Omega-3 daily. My questions are about exercise. I will be walking in a straight line for an hour at the rec centre tonight.

Other than walking - any suggestions / ideas?
Continue with hot water therapy.
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