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Hi - I'm part of a couple (Sir Limpalot is having typing issues so you've got me)

Robin is experiencing blurred vision and will see our Doctor this evening. We know it can settle down after a few weeks but were wondering if eye exercises will help or hinder whilst the vision is blurred? Is this a sign that inflammation is present and active?

Robin has PPMS and has been really well on the OMS diet (about four years now) and is fit as a fiddle with a few missing strings

I have had three flare-ups of optic neuritis over the last 8 years. I wouldn't have thought exercise will really help with the vision (as it's to do with the optic nerve, rather than the muscles). In the past, I was told the only option was to sit it out, and my ON cleared up within a month or so. The last episode I had, I 'sat it out' again, and didn't visit a doctor. My Neuro later said that he would have preferred to have given me steroids from the get-go as he now believes this would help to save more of the vision. Having said that, I have never experienced any lasting damage with any of my episodes.

Sorry - this doesn't really answer your question about exercise. but it might be worth talking to the GP about the steroid option.

Thank you, Rachel
That answer does help about the nerve rather than muscles. The blurred vision is not getting worse. Waiting for it to go may be the doctor's advice. We can mention the steroids tho.

I don't know if you have seen this recent post on the OMS blog about optic neuritis?:


Thank you,
The doctor agreed to wait and see if it gets better, which it is, or there are steroids as a back up. We will keep an eye on it :roll:
Hi again,
Robin was given a prism patch to wear over one of his glasses lens to help with focusing directly ahead. The sixth nerve was the one that is affected and exercises are not going to help recovery. It's a wait and see....
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