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Hi everyone, I have a question if someone could give me an advice.

I'm 32 years old, and I had my first MS symptom when I was 24. I had optic neuritis 4 times since then, and I have lesions on my brain, but they're not active. Until now I didn't have any issues with walking. I'm trying to be active as much as possible. I walk 5 km 2-3 times a week and sometimes ride a bicycle and hike. But last week I might have done too much physical activity. I went on a hike, but later that afternoon, I noticed tingling in my legs, and I feel it every day since then. It isn't like my whole leg has gone numb, it's more like tingling sensation on the surface of my skin. Has anyone else had problems like this after exercising, that is lasting for a week? Should I take some rest, or continue with physical activity? Do you think that exercise triggered a relapse?
Reading your post your exercise did not sound intense enough to have caused any reaction.
I gather that exercising to the point of exhaustion is not so good.
Did any thing stressful occur that day be it metal rather then physical.
Hopefully you will be feeling yourself again soon.
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