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Hi there,
I did the Gawler retreat for cancer a few years ago and learned about not heating oil and that Olive Oil was the only one to use. I recently attended a cooking class run by someone who lives and teaches by very similar principles and she advocated the use of Coconut Oil (an indigenous kind sourced from fresh coconuts in Fiji) and Rice Bran Oil, her reason being high smoke point enabled them to withstand more heat than olive oil. She also stated that Coconut Oil has properties beneficial for immune system.
Do you have a view on these 2 oils?
Thanks so much!
Great website,

It's great you're thinking about what fats are healthy and which ones are not so hot. That puts you on the right track.

I have an opinion on these oil both with respect to MS and cardiovascular disease. Both are very bad news for those of us with MS because they are high in saturated fats. Coconut oil is the worst and rice bran oil is lousy too. You can look up these oils on http://www.nutritiondata.com . That site has more information about fats in foods than most of us ever want to know.

A professor of neurology from Oregon in the United States, studied the impact of saturated fat consumption on MS patients and he found that saturated fats in the diet (above a very low level) make MS much worse. He found that those with MS who consume more than very restricted amounts of saturated fats become disabled and die relatively early. In contrast, he found that 95% of MS patients who started following a healthy diet (shortly after an MS diagnosis) and consumed only very low levels of saturated fat each day never become disabled. It is critical to avoid consumption of more than 10 to 15 grams of saturated fat each day.

Also, research shows fish oil has the potential to help heal MS and linoleic acid (a fat found in sunflower seeds) can help reduce relapses. I suggest focusing on eating the healthy fats that will make MS better.

As to cardiovascular disease, again the best fats are Omega-3s and other unsaturated fats. It seems the same fats that cause MS problems might also cause a nasty heart attack. Yikes!

By the way, I'm like you. I love, love, love extra virgin olive oil. I use it in a million ways but I don't use it for frying things. I've more or less give up frying stuff.

Best wishes,

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