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First off, I wanted to thank everyone who contributes to this forum. I was just diagnosed with MS a little over a month ago and began lurking around the forum while I was in the hospital for a month. It is so incredible to see this community at work, helping and impoving the lives of others. I found myself on this website in my darkedst of times usually when I was just so overwhelmed with my diagnosis coupled with the fact that the entire right side of my body had suddenly forgotten how to move completelly. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that there are other people out there experiening the similar horrific things and that we are not alone in our struggles. It is also so inspiring to see those of you on the path to sucess with marked improvement. So thank you thank you.

As you know this is all new to me. I read George's book multiple times during my long stay at the hospital, and I swear it was the only thing that kept me sane. Well, I am out of the hospital and trying to sort out my life with this new unexpected occpant in my body, MS. For some reaon the oil section was a bit confusing to me. I now limit myself to ccoking with olive oil and the occasional sesame seed oil. I gave up cooking with coconut oil, but I am still using it as a moisturizer all over my body. Do you think that this coud be potentially harmful? George mentioned not to ingest coconut oil- but I wonder how he would feel about it as a body moisurizer. I know that the skin is porous and that it could potentially seep into my body, but the other alternatives have parabens and harmful toxins that I am trying to avoid. What do you all think- should I give up my organic coconut body butter? Is it making my cells sticky?

I apologize, this may seem like a silly question- but I am really trying to follow this OMS program really well. It has made me feel like I have a little cotrol over my life as well as has given me a giimmer of hope.

Thanks for your opinions and I appreciate any help!
Hi Amanda, welcome to the community - you are doing exactly the right thing by following this program especially so soon after being diagnosed. Gives you the best possible chance of recovery.

I don't know about coconut oil being absorbed through the skin but I do know that since I've been following the diet and taking good quantities of omega 3 oils my skin has been fabulous and I don't need body lotion.


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I find a combination of sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil works wonderfully as both a lotion and a hair conditioner. For my hair (shoulder length) I use two drops of sunflower oil and two dabs of jojoba oil (one just dips the tip of a finger in the oil for a 'dab'). A small amount of sunflower oil and jojoba oil works wonderfully well as a lotion too.
Thanks! I will try using those oils instead...Probably just as good as coconut oil- if not better!
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