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There seems to be a lot of news lately about coconut oil, especially about how good it is for you. It's true that it has a high percentage of saturated fatty acids but it seems that these are medium-chain fatty acids and are immediately converted to energy by the liver.
Maybe I'm just hopeful as I would love to use coconut milk in cooking, it's so tasty...
So it it still off limits?
This comes up about once per month. It sure is tasty, but I'm sorry to say it's still a no. Give a search, there are a lot of posts on it.

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Jelinek says "no", but if you follow the Paleo Diet and many do, it is allowed. It is high in Sat fat, so you always have to be careful about how much you are consuming. I LOOOOVE green curry and treat myself about once every couple of months. Coconut milk and coconut oil has been shown to have some healing benefits, so do they outweigh the bad? Some believe so, like Terry Wahls. It's a hard call... I would say, do your own research. Here is an article that I found pretty interesting: http://www.tampabay.com/news/aging/doct ... and/879333

Shawn Caroline
Thanks Shawn. I thought that George may have changed his line in light of the recent research. In the meantime, I do sometimes use a little 'lite' coconut milk, if I've been really good all day - I still try to stay under 5g sat-fats.
George does look out for new research and posts very regular updates. I'm sure if there was good evidence for him to change his view, he would let us know.

Meantime I will continue to avoid coconut, and use rice/soy milks with a touch of coconut essence in my curries.


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I'm really interested to know if organic virgin coconut oil, first cold pressed is okay. Does anyone have any info or suggestions on where to find out?
Coconut oil 1 TBSP has 12g sat fat

1TBSP Olive oil has 2g

Just because it is extra virgin cold pressed doesn't overide the more important other factors
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Thank you for your feedback. I checked out the 2 links you provides and found them very helpful. The Inflammation Factor (IF) of all foods is what's important and coconut just has a high IF... I understand now. Thank you. :D
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