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What's the deal with coconut oil?

I've had quite a few people ask me if Coconut oil is alright for my diet. I'm geting the feeling it's the latest trend in "healthy" oils.

So why do they think that and is it true?

Can we have coconut oil?


Pretty please moderator please don't direct me to a link, I've read them and am still confused. I was just hoping a little conversation with the group could be had. thanks.

I dont think anyone can give you an unambiguos answer to that question as its high in saturated fat.
However, when i'm in doubt i leave it out.
1tsp of coconut oil has 4g sat. fat. that is only 1tsp!


And no nutrients. I have heard the 'healthy' claims too but I have yet to find out what the 'healthy' bit is....apart from being good for your skin.

I just did a quick search on the web re this and there were plenty of sites pushing it as well as Dr Oz the heart surgeon. Apparently it is all about the type of fatty acids they are which apparently makes a difference.

Best explanation is 3rd question down.
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It may be healthy in general and if you're vegan and don't have MS, you get to make nice "creamy" curries and icecream and such, but since it's high in saturated fat, we leave it off. Swank didn't allow it. The whole medium chain thing might be interesting, but then again it is a fad and you're already 500% healthier and don't need to worry about magic ingredients to add to a poor diet.

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Hi 1975F

It does seem to be a current fad - so many people pushing it, so many people ask me why I don't have it.
And they all inisist that it is so good. It also seems to get pushed as a weight loss potion!!!

I have just understood that it is mainly the very high saturated fat level that is the problem. Have you tried coconut essence with soy milk to get the creaminess of coconut milk in a curry?

I also have the same question about egg yolks - is it purely the saturated fat that is the problem, or is there something else?

It seems that the simple answer is often, "I avoid meat, eggs, coconut oil, etc, so I don't have to count saturated fat" But, being devil's advocate here, could you decide to count the saturated fat and limit it for all other things, and have one egg?
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I'm glad the topic is raised as I've felt confused as well. I use coconut oil when I make soap and can buy some that is liquid at room temp. which makes me wonder if its solid in my body.
The people who tell me how healthy it is for me don't know anything about MS so I'm usually able to say something agreeable about how healthy it is for 'normal' bodies but my body doesn't deal with it well. I'm not willing to 'spend' my 15g per day on 3 tsp of coconut oil!

I'd love to hear if there is any reason beyond the saturated fat of why not to eat this oil.
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